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As a business owner, you clearly understand that how essential a first impression can be. Even if it is the first time somebody comes into your shop, the first time somebody calls at your office, or the first time somebody searches your business online, you try to ensure that your customers leave thinking positively about your brand or company.


Actually, welcome emails are a type of activated email used to welcome new users after registering for your product’s email newsletter, administrative client program, or other event related to membership. Greatly expected, regularly opened, and simple to automatize, this interaction is one of the most general email types around.

So, if you run a welcome email campaign, then you would get benefits like directly recognize new users or members, A well-timed and anticipated feedback to a client’s action or event, a chance to cross-sell and up-sell at a time when new receivers are most involved with your brand or company.

Here are some best practices you must do in your welcome emails:

1. Create particular welcome emails for your subscribers
To enhance your email relevancy you should adapt the welcome message. So that it is obvious how and why you obtained the user’s email address. Thus, if you gathered the email address at an event, mention the event. Or if it is to follow up on a buy, then ensure to reveal the transaction.

By pointing out the original contact point, it makes the email more customized to the customer and decreases the chances that they will observe it as random spam.

2. Send out your email quickly
You should try to deliver your welcome email within a short span of time, if possible. Finally, they have just selected to opt-in to your email list, so you are probable to grasp their full attention. Moreover, your subscriber will be anticipating your email. So, do not dishearten them. Keep in mind that, relevancy is an influential marketing tool.

3. Give confidence to your subscribers
Preferably, your welcome email will advocate the subscriber’s judgment to register for your newsletter and will depart them feeling optimistic about the selection they have just made. To make a better impression, show gratitude to them for registering and acknowledging how you came to acquire their email address.  Make use of your welcome email to support your company’s brand uniqueness. Use a particular tone, image and copy that which reveal your brand. In addition, if your business does something predominantly well or has won some awards, now is the time to develop extra trust by quietly pointing this out.

4. Use effective subject lines
You should never underrate the power of the email subject line. Now it is not the time to strive anything fancy nor do you want to be a boring or off message. Stay to the point, apparent and convincing.

5. Do not try to articulate too much
Because of the high email open rates and the fact that you can get higher email clickthrough rate than other types of email, it can be persuasive to attempt and revise too much into a welcome email.

But, if there are further than two or three points in an email, then it is highly probable that most of what you are attempting to say will be overlooked. Instead, it you should send a series of messages within a period of two or three weeks.

It is also significant to allow the customer to understand that they can anticipate to get several welcome emails. So that they do not get irritated.

Thus, make your welcome email plan even simpler by integrating a regular email marketing drip campaign to accomplish programs without bothering the manual setup for every single email.

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