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Even if you do it for your own business or a client, developing a responsive opt-in email list is a main part of success online. As the more people you send a marketing email or newsletter, the better opportunity you have of producing more revenue.


No matter what techniques you use, you should always inquire yourself, “Will this entice the type of people who are probable to buy my product or service?” A small approachable list is more helpful than a very big list that overlooks and ultimately cancels their email subscription.

When done appropriately, email marketing can adequately support your business at a comparatively low cost. As the aims and target audience might be different depending on your market area, you must focus on the customer opt-in list creation, which is the initial point of any powerful email marketing program.

Here are seven effective strategies on how to create a responsive email opt-in list and manage long-term relationship with your customers.

1. Create effective content for your website
If you make a decision on email marketing, you most probably have a website where you promote your products or service. Consider what could offer value to your website viewers and convert it into the content. The best practice is to write about your experience with your products and services, prepare case studies and share your consequences in articles, offer good tips and tricks linked with your products or services and to your area in general. This will make your readers come again to your site and connect to your list.

2. Your website sign-up form should be evident
Put a sign-up form on your website. Do not conceal the form from your viewers, but make it easy to perceive and find. You can place the sign-up form in the sidebar, in the bottom of page or within the post.

3. Create a press release
If you have somewhat interesting to share, then a press release can be a helpful marketing tool. It can also help with search engine rankings and have a propensity to stay on the internet for some time.

4. Subdivide on topics of customer interest
If it is pertinent to your site, allow people to select the topics they want to obtain your newsletters on, so as to ensure the importance of your emails. You can still place many subscription forms and have different lists to develop more effective email campaigns.

5. Provide your customers with incentive
It is a good idea to provide something in return for their email contacts. It may be a downloadable ebook, user guide, complimentary software, discount coupon or anything you can pay for. Everyone loves to get something without charge.

6. Request for feedback
You can run surveys from time to time and inquire your customers how they can be reminiscent of your service, what they would like to get better or change, and what kind of detail they would like to get from you. Many times people can provide you with better ideas on what to put in writing. The users' feedbacks or responses will also help you in revealing best and worst sides of your service.

Therefore, you just need to be persistent and original, and follow the above techniques to make a receptive list of subscribers, create a solid email marketing program, and improve your sales.

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