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Normally, an email marketing campaign's success depends on several factors, but open rate, click-through rate, and the final conversion rate are some key performance indicators. A customer marketing email campaign may look for an instant purchase, where as a B2B email marketing campaign may seek further information on the email recipient to entirely fill a database.

factors affecting email open rate

Definitely, the main aim of any email marketing program is acquiring the recipient to take that initial action- unfolding the email. Without opening an email, there will be no click-through and ultimately there will be no lead conversion on the website.

Now question arises that why would not your customers open your emails? What makes your email open rates to be lesser than standard averages?

There are definite factors which influence email open rates. If you overlook these 6 elements of email marketing your open rates will fall apart!

1. Do not use spam trigger words
Since many businesses comprehend that the word "free" in an email subject line will more or less get the message wiped away by spam filters, there are some other three words and phrases that can be evenly risky. The first one among these is "help". Even if the organization is seeking help from their customers or is searching to help their customer, this word should not be used. The further two spam trigger words are "Reminder" and "percent off".

2. Aim localization instead of personalization
Many email service providers will allow campaign creators to personalize or customize the subject line with the readers' names. Though, this does not depict any positive impact. So, wasting your time and effort on this, make use of a localization method. This is still valid and will reverberate well with customers who are in a specific geographic area.

3. Be recognizable as well as reputable sender
Over and over, studies have shown a key factor in why emails get unfolded is due to the receiver identifying the sender. If you are continuously changing up your "From" email name and address people would not identify who you are and they will remove your message.

To enhance your email open rates your receivers have to distinguish you as a sender. To further increase your open rates, your customers need to rely upon you and know you will offer them good information, best deals or laudable entertainment.

4. Stop repeating the same information
For those businesses that observed their newsletter or email with high open rates, when they start repeating information their open rates begin to fall down. So, always look for new methods to share your message, new headings to discuss, or other new ways to repackage weary content and selective information.

5. Use short & precise subject lines
As there are infrequent exceptions to each rule, campaign managers need to keep their subject lines short, simple and easy to recognize. It means that you must keep subject lines under 50 characters and ensure that similar text twists are easy for the targeted customer to go through it.

6. Classify your email as Timely, Personal & Valuable
Take the time to interpret your email marketing messages from the point of view of the targeted audience. Consider every single heading and inquire yourself, “If I was a person who goes through this newsletter, is this in timely manner? Does it have an individual effect? Will I get this information helpful?” Thus, it is better to correct yourself than inundating your audience with insignificant information.

Though there are many different tips and tactics present, these six elements are quite enough to create a difference in your email marketing open rates right away.

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