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Creating an effective email marketing plan to run marketing campaigns is not an easy task. To the extent that you may care for your job, it can still become tiresome and hard to plan an email campaign after email campaign. If you use email marketing to sell products or services, you will know that not all of the campaigns you run are going to work effectively and over and above you would have liked them as well.

common email marketing problems

Generating leads is one more issue which can be difficult for any email marketing program. In fact, quality leads are very much essential for growth of a business, but generally how you handle these leads can noticeably improve how well your program works.

Here is a guide which gives you five email marketing problems you might be having. Go through them all because after every problem you get an obvious solution.

1. Not getting the essential click through & open rates
If you are not getting essential click through & open rates, then segmenting your email list is the best idea. There is a range of data around particular trigger words and character counts which can help you out with email open rates and click through rates. But, if you are looking for a dependable method for producing the required open or click through rates, you cannot simply influence your email copy to embrace a specific word every time. It is recurring, unappealing, and honestly not always true for the definite message or offer.

Subdividing your email list is a responsive, lovable method to bring the email click through rate and open rates you are craving for.

2. Your email campaign results are not validating the cost
If you are getting this problem with your campaign, then cut down your list so that you will only send to your most active customers. Alter your email copy from hard-sell to soft-sell, or inversely. Try to make your emails more social and check your results.

3. A large part of your list is inactive
 If most of the subscribers of your list are inactive or not responding, then you should send out a simple text-only message that requests your customers for feedback.  You should use your website to attract people to go through or opt-in to your email list.

4. Getting problem with growing email list
 You should insert an email opt in link to any campaigns that you are running. Team up with a different company to run a contest. Procure your most active customers to extend the word.

5. Your email timing is getting wrong
This relates to email frequency in some manner, but also in importance. If you deliver urgent emails in each single day, purchasers have a propensity to cover over the material. If, on the other hand, you give special offer once in a while and do not benefit from leads, you will generate lesser profits.

To get over from this problem, you must first extend offers beyond one day. Many customers may be gone or do not check their inbox every day, particularly around holidays. Secondly, give some advance notice for special offers you plan on having, or  give a clue at big offers which are arriving soon. Third, ensure your messages use days as an alternative of saying “today.” So start with, “Monday special” as an alternative of “Today’s special.”

6. Your clients are not placing adequate products in their shopping carts
If this is your problem, then you can add a promotional link at the footer of customer service emails. You can also insert a coupon code or opt-in link to your verification emails. Just, send a short review or survey to remind customers that you exist.

Thus, in this developing era of the internet we need to move ahead and reconsider how can we use email as an advertising and research tool. We require more superiority and more focus if email is to endure as an advertising and research platform; without it email effectiveness will continue to turn down.

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