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Getting added to a blacklist spoils any email marketing campaign. Despite how good your intentions are sometimes small things like overloading your e-mail with images, results in instant blacklisting.


A blacklist generally refers to a list of email or IP addresses known to deliver spam e-mails or some other kind of unwanted messages. These lists are presently used by mail servers for filtering incoming mails and obstructing the ones listed, in order to enhance email security and reliability.

Firstly, being blacklisted does not mean that you have done some kind of crime or unlawful action.  Your may be on email blacklists due to denial of SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) direct access for dial-up and DSL (digital subscriber loop) users, which frequently connect dynamically allotted IP addresses.

Here are some tips to avoid being on email blacklist to some extent:

1. Send out email to those people who signed up for your messages
It's helpful to purchase email lists, but these lists are not of good quality and people are probable to mark unwanted emails as spam. Just send out emails to the people who have directly opted-into your email lists. Use lead production strategies that work and start creating your list and emailing very qualified and naturally connected leads.

2. Manage your email frequency
Be aware of how many e-mails you deliver per week, and of the importance conveyed by the individual that is on the other end. Make a schedule that is impartial and would not irritate your readers. With some email marketing programs, you can develop a lead fostering or drip campaign that deliver particular e-mails at a specific rate based on user submissions on your website. In these cases, it is more adequate to send at a higher frequency than for somebody who is not much interested in your content.

3. Do not use all caps
In an email, using all caps is like shouting. For some particular reason, spammers like to use all caps. For this reason, you should not use all caps in your messages. Instead of it you can use italics, bold and underline features.

4. Do not use excessive images
Many ISPS are really starting to crack down on e-mails that use excessive images. Images can be very useful tools in grasping natural and healthy interest in what you have to state. Thus, you should use a good combination of images and text to make sure that you are not flagged as spam.

5. Make use of right kinds of words or phrases
Do not flood your readers with conventionally spam words like free and related terms embrace a ton of weight with spam filters. Make a conscious effort to select words that support your authenticity.

6. Send out consistent email templates
You should use an email template that you can use for sending all newsletter correspondence, which makes it clear that it is a kind of promotional mail from your company. The more outspoken you are, the better you will be against blacklisting.

7. Provide your customers with useful content
Do not let down your precious customers with your promotional content. Modify your content according to the anticipation of the customer and offer them something considerable in those words. Updates provided in the content should be easy in language, simple to understand, useful, and satisfying the need of the customer. If the user cannot relate to your content, he or she may opt-out or unsubscribe you from further communication.

 At last, keep in mind that you control a main part of what happens after you hit send on an e-mail marketing campaign. Now it’s up to you to make sure that your customers want to get your email and that they can facilitate you.

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