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The method by which email marketing works is comparatively simple. You acquire emails and are able to communicate those people in the future via single email bash rather than sending emails to people individually which certainly will take a very long time.

If you have a blog and not creating an email list so far, then you should consider it very seriously. However, many of you probably will have an email list. From there, it is just an issue of how to use it efficiently.


Here are some essential email marketing tips for bloggers which will be helpful in driving more traffic as well as revenue. So, just make sure that you understand, discover and apply them in your email marketing endeavor.

1. Constantly offer something away to acquire them onto your list: The most regular giveaway is an e-book. But, you can improve the distinguished value by accomplishing something special like a video, webinar, recording, etc.

2. Stop being a nuisance: You may be just starting out with your blog and passionate about your new business; that is anticipated. If you want to work eventually irrespective of holidays and weekends, please go forward. But, do not trouble your subscribers with your over-excited email marketing efforts during holidays.

3. Brief emails work well: If you send them a work of fiction, they are going to remove it because of unavailability of time. Brief emails with a link to click work great.

4. Each email you send, have them click on something: It can be a blog, an affiliate promotion or you want your list to be familiar to click on things you express them to.

5. Do not become a crick in the inbox: Email ids are assets of the subscribers. They may have given their email ids and signed up for your promotions, but that does not mean you hold their inbox permanently. Don’t be angry if your subscribers make a decision to leave; instead be courteous and keep the doors open for them.

6. Make use of your list to drive comments: Using a blend of an attention-grabbing post, striking headline and email subject line, constrain them to the blog to comment. In fact encourage them to comment right from the email.

7. Keep record of your affirmation rate for emails: Always keep changing your thank you page to increase the proportion of people who really verify their email address after subscribing.

8. Make every communication with your list productive and helpful: Not at all email them without something of worth. Give them importance, and always back it up with some call to action for them to get more knowledge. It means that every list communication is a money-making chance for you, but you are also offering them good value and they are happy to heed from you.

There are some other things also about email marketing that a blogger can use, but these tips are best to set up with. They are uncomplicated, and can be done easily by anyone. These tips are essential and are not time consuming as some more superior email marketing techniques.

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