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An untoward truth about email marketing is that a part of your email will bounce and would not make it to the inbox. Email bounce management is very imperative because bounced emails can damage your email deliverability and finally charge you money.

If you are not properly maintaining your email bounces and mistakes, your sender score is almost certainly retreating, which means most of the emails will finish in the junk folder.

When an email to a receiver comes back to you, it is not all the time necessary to remove it from your email list right away. The message may have been coming back because of a momentary problem.

By keeping this in mind, your subscriber allows you to indicate the number of bounced emails that have to occur before the email recipient is expelled or removed; giving you total control over your email bounce management strategy. There are mainly two types of bounces such as hard bounce and soft bounce. Hard bounce denotes that the non-delivery of the email is caused by a potentially undeviating problem. On the other hand, Soft bounce denotes that there is a transitory problem in delivering the email.

Here are some email bounce management tips to deal with it effectively or minimize email bounces:

1. Internet service providers advise re trying hard bounces no more than three times because retrying a hard bounce only one time after a time of two to four days are enough.

2. Eliminate hard-bounced email addresses from the list moreover right away or after the retry attempt not succeed. You should eliminate soft-bounced  email addresses from the list if the address frequently produces bounces over a time of four to five email marketing campaigns.

3. Look into keywords when handling bounces to help manage with substandard bounce messages.

4. Make use of a double or confirmed opt-in process to reduce wrong and false addresses from the beginning.

5. You can use an email change of address service to fight with email address mix in your email list.

6. Insert an email id update link to your e-mail and a profile update form to your web site, directing subscribers to update their address and choice.

7. To make sure subscribers insert their email ids correctly, use a script that verifies for syntax errors during submission. In addition, ask subscribers to re-enter their email addresses in a second box.

8. Test your messages in advance for prospective spam-oriented content to help in reducing dismissal by internet service provider and spam filters.

I hope that these tips would be really beneficial and help you out in effective email bounce management. As always, if you have any query or need some help along the way regarding email marketing, you can contact us at: +91 731 4081111 or if you are interested in spam free email services, just fill up a demo form to avail our free services.

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