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Email marketing valentine's day

If you think that Valentine’s day is only for the confectioners, dating agencies or card manufacturers to profit then probably you are not taking this opportunity as right tool. This year use email as tool to re-ignite existing business relationships and make new ones. If you don’t have a plan already then here are some tips which will help you get started. 
1. Start right now: Just 13 days are left until the Big Day so it is best to start right now by compiling your copy, offers, images, layouts etc. You don’t want to deluge your customers by emails, but a rough schedule could be Email 1: Sat, Feb 2nd: Initial offer, Email 2: Wed, Feb 6th: Offer Indication, Email 3: Friday, Feb 11th: Indication 2 – “Two days remaining 'till Valentines day!” Email 4: Wed, Feb 15th:  Thank you follow-up email to all customers who took advantage of the offer and you can extend the offer for special customers.

2. Select Valentine’s Day email templates: Use a romantic template with a nice balance of graphics to get readers in the mood and thinking about the event.
3. Use segmented list: Divide the list by gender. Deliver gals oriented offers to guys and guys oriented offers to gals. But think about your viewers before doing this sort of segmentation! Your offers may not be appropriate for all.
4. Associate with the companies who provide complementary products and services: Partner with companies who provide supporting products or solutions for an offer that cannot be neglected. Example: Jewellery shop and Spa assistance (buy a unique piece of valentine's jewelry and get a 100 % free massage, buy a spa assistance and get a pair of earrings), Cafe and florist (have blossoms ready at the table when you arrive) etc. Get innovative as the opportunities are endless! 
5. Target your last year’s customers: Send a unique email to customers who bought from you last year around Valentine’s day with an even better offer for them. If you provide the right offer, they will most likely buy from you again. 
6. Use testimonials and recommendations: Most people will buy if they know that another person has had a positive buying experience with you. To make a better impact highlight reviews and testimonials in the email.
7. Suggest people ideas for valentine’s day in next newsletter: How many times have you considered what you’re going to do for your honey for Valentines day? Guys in particular, :-) often have difficulties coming up with romantic ideas. Provide a list of the top 10 best valentine’s day schedules or gifts, for example hot trending jewelry, chocolates, etc.
8. Run special lucky draw for Valentine’s day: Gather email addresses and grow your list by encouraging people to filling up the form.
9. Deliver a Happy Valentines Day e-mail postcard to show appreciation towards them: Provide complementary redeemable points or free gifts to the loyal customers, it will help in customer retention.
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