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are you pinterested in email marketing

Pinterest’s ongoing reputation and durability has been changing the image-driven social media networking into a major promotional channel. In addition to being the fastest-growing online community with its 20 million exclusive guests, Pinterest is also the top channel for website referral traffic, driving higher visitors than Twitter and more than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube together. It’s also a proven conversions with more than 20 percent of customers buying products they saw on the site. Now email promoters are realizing the might of this online community for their strategies. Their three primary techniques include creating emails loaded with Pinterest pictures, delivering emails that motivate individuals to follow a product on Pinterest, and circulating emails with “pinnable” content that encourages the receiver to “pin” it. To help these promoters make use of Pinterest to its highest potential for their promotion via e-mail initiatives, I am offering these recommendations.

1. Consider What Users Want – First, think about why the your customers choose the product and what would create it most constraining to prospects. Take that answer and choose pictures that “paint the picture” of what the product can give them. Also, encourage subscribers to look forward to these emails by presenting pictures that offer exclusive uses for products, as well as such as images of pleased customers or workers creatively advertising the product.
2. Choose Relevant Content – Once you have identified what would attract the recipients, the next step of finding that attractive, interesting and relevant content starts with research. Figure out the kinds of content that other manufacturers are publishing by looking at their pinboards. Look at the characteristics of pictures that are frequently published to spot common trends and styles. Keep in thought that Pinterest is motivated by visible attention, with most organizations publishing content that is creatively attractive, fresh, educational, ambition-oriented, or extremely exclusive.
3. Place Pleased with Care – There are a few common recommendations for putting pictures in an email. First, only choose the best and least complicated pictures. It’s better to focus on a single product than lots of them so audiences can get a closer look at the visible information. Next, make it crystal clear that this content is intended to be distributed by putting the “Pin it” icon over the picture or arranged with other sharing symbols. Lastly, many email promoters have had success by using the Pinterest’s grid-based style for arranging the e-mails. It creatively provides that the email was designed with Pinterest in thoughts.
Pinterest is placed for endless growth, which is why many organizations are putting its reputation to good use in email marketing. The wish is that it will produce Pinterest-centric monitoring methods and analytics that confirm the value of this social media sharing channel.
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