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B2B industry is changing every day and becoming progressively more consumerized. Revolution started by digital channel has gotten higher need for high-tech items with mobile and social features, while reducing the desire for direct marketing relationships. For a look at what exactly is ahead for B2B sales, I assembled a list of what exactly is in store this year.

1. Customer Engagement Will Become Priority – The diminishing desire for direct sales will cause organizations to keep working more complication and to maintain customer engagement. Look out for businesses to get straight involved in direct sales strategies with customers in an effort to maintain engagement throughout the sales cycle.
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2. Tab Devices Will Become a Rep Need – Mobile phone, iPads and similar tab devices became the most important sales tool and they will become essential to revenue associates as they use them to handle every aspect of business.
3. Social Media Will Serve as a Sales Channel – While the online community was designed for individual rather than professional relationships, that line will be blurry as professionals begin promoting their business's products to their friends. Companies will also begin creating individual Facebook, Google plus, and similar social media platforms pages with a friendly, helpful tone.
4. Selling through Social Will Be Accepted Globally – In 2013, social media platform will substitute calls as means to getting in touch and seeking relationships. These digital insights for each are expected to raise repercussion rates by “warming up” these initial actions.
5. Data Will Create a Big Impact – There will be huge raise in the use of analytics and sales automation to create targeted offers that address specific customer actions, as more and more sales professionals realize that big data can significantly increase overall sales performance.
6. Free Trials Will Trend Globally – The need of free trial will become a trend before any sales interaction occurs at all. Companies will realize that is the only way to get in the door with leads and will also be beneficial from trend started by satisfied users.
7. Sales Resources Will Rise – In 2013, watch for most sales tools to become cloud-based programs. This will result in more structured, controllable and streamlined procedures.
8. Sales And Marketing Will Become Synonyms – As customers continue to drive the revenue process and allow it to be progressively separate, it will be changed by self-directed websites that use a hybrid marketing strategy and sales for communication, promotion, and closing.
There will be major changes in B2B sales in 2013, but they will enable the industry to keep up with technical developments and keep in touch to the modern B2B customer.
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