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People want to grow their business means they want to spread a message to the public about the benefits of their services and products. To do this they primarily use flyers, billboards, television ads or may be a combination of various available methods. They should consider email marketing to their advertising methods. Direct email marketing can be a most benefited method and it’s suited for all the size of businesses from small to large enterprises business houses.

Best Email Marketing Software 2013

Garuda The intelligent Mailer is an email marketing software – 2013 that allows us to get our message out and give a synopsis how customer receive it.  With the help of Garuda you will be able to know how many people open your email message, which link they have clicked and which message they are forwarding ahead. In very simple words you will be able to get a valuable set of data about your customer that will help you to create an appealing email marketing campaign in the future.

Why to use Garuda the Intelligent Mailer – 2013 Email Marketing Software

Garuda Email marketing software – 2013 is made to simple every step of email marketing as easy as possible. Garuda provides all the worthwhile functions to create and tracking an effective email marketing campaign. People can look for the following with Garuda the intelligent Mailer.

Basic Email Marketing Function

Garuda makes every step of email marketing easy, especially initial steps. Garuda provides the function for organization of contact list, which means you will get an option for importing the list of email contacts rather than manually. It will detect duplicates email ids automatically and allows tagging with demographic information so you can send certain email campaigns to specific audiences based on tagging characteristics.

Email Creation Function

Garuda allows creating attractive email messages; with Garuda you will find tools for adding graphic images and hyperlinks. You will have the entire necessary creative tool for creating graphical, HTML and text-only emails. You will also get the preview option for all your work before sending it to your final customers.

Campaign Reporting Module

Garuda helps you to collect sets of data from your email marketing campaigns; with the help of this data you can get so much information about your customers.  User of Garuda will be able to know how many receivers opens the Email, how many unsubscribe and how many email messages reached to their directed destinations. This all information you will on the charts and graphs which you also export into excel files.

Ease of Use and Support

Garuda provides easy to use tools for creating email marketing campaigns, so you don’t have any need to hire any professional for this purpose even if you have never created any email marketing campaign.

With Garuda you will find regular software updates and 24/7 technical support. You will get support with the help of live chat, email and on the phone.

In market you will find many email marketing software, where each software will claim itself best. But with Garuda you will get better for sure. You can also take 1 month free email marketing 2013 demo at below link.

Email Marketing Software -2013 Free Download

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