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fresh content for email marketing

How to make your campaigns more interesting and effective? This question has already made many marketing professional life tough. Although the simple answer to this question is by keeping the content relevant, interesting and most of above “fresh”. But maintaining the freshness of content could be a overwhelming task. Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to come up with enticing and fresh content. Our readers expect fresh and relevant content every time they got out regular email newsletter update. 
So what could be done about it? We are sharing some tips here for to keeping your content fresh.

By creating catchy title/headline
Composing a title that will catch the reader’s attention is the first thing to  attract an audience. It can also provide you motivation for writing a compelling message for your email campaign. Consider asking a query or using a call to action approach in your title. Asking a question in your headline will motivate your readers to look for the answer in the email, or using a call to action approach will also catch the attention of your reader.
By some visual content
Use anything visually appealing that will draw the attention of people. Use any video, image or infographic to make it more visually appealing, although we don’t recommend using infographic in the email because it will make it more heavy to load.
By inspiring readers
You have built, developed and designed your company because you are enthusiastic about it. Spread that sensation and let the viewers feel it through your email messages. Your passion is epidemic! Keep in mind, people are much more likely to read emails from the sender that motivated them the last time they read it.
Provide answers
When people need answers for any problem they are having they find it on internet. Come up with a list of common problems that your readers may have and create content based on that list  of generally requested questions.  Every time you are having difficulties to come up with some content, choose a problem and fix it for your readers. Once you have fixed one problem for them, they will come back again and again !
Attract with a story
There is rule for this kind of thing, a story has three parts the beginning, middle and the end. If you make the beginning interesting the reader will surely read the rest and that is the key to deriving a reader on to the website through email.
Your content does not ever need to become lax. By following a few simple things you can motivate and attract your visitors with clean, interesting content regularly.
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