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How To Create Effective Welcome Series

A welcome series is just what it appears to be like. A series of information sent to welcome new subscribers to the list and, furthermore, to convert these users into customers that accomplish your company objectives for them. This could be via increased email, direct sell or website views (if you have a cost-per-impression ad model), or something else.
New subscribers are a crucial aspect of your list. They usually have much greater open rate and CTR than individuals that have been on your list a while, so you want to make use of their attention in your email program before it subsides.

It can be considered as a flavour of drip campaign. Known as for drop watering, the concept is to gradually present and develop on your message eventually, rather than doing a one-time "soaking" and expecting for the best. We're not referring to delivering the same message over and over again (that would be a "resend") – we're referring to a sequence of different information that each perform on their own but that make harmonic link when two or more are viewed by the same individual.
Content is the most important aspect when to started to develop a drip campaign. Many companies get all covered up in the strategies, which is generally simpler but won't make sure that your campaign is effective.
Here's an example. When we begin referring to a drip campaign, the first things clients and prospects ask are a.) the e-mail efforts and b.) the time gaps between them. Most want to know how many efforts, how many times apart, will improve performance (usually they mean "generate more ROI").
The thing is that there's not a one-size-fits-all response.
Begin with the content you are going to provide, if you want to develop an effective drip campaign.
For convenience, let's believe you're looking to make a direct sale.
I'd begin by determining the most trending products on your website; these have a superior chance of attractive to your e-mail members. Next think about anything that's not a top item but which, for some other purpose, would be preferred by your e-mail viewers.
Now look at non-promotional details that you can "wrap around" your item promotions to make an e-mail message that provides value without a buy.
Why, when your objective is a direct sell, would you be looking for details that's relevant to the item or the issue it resolves, but that isn't promotional?
Because the best welcome sequence are a mix of journal (read: non-promotional) and promotional content. Think of it as the "magazine" model; you buy a journal for the content, but within that there is promotion that gets you to buy.
Here is an example:
You're promoting smart phones. Create content about enhancing your smartphone's performance by using different apps and guidelines etc. These details are useful without a buying.
The key to an effective welcome series isn't how many endeavors or how much times apart you send it. It's the content of the email and how effective it is at generating visitors to the action that you want them to take.
Take a few moments to draw out some excellent topic-product combinations that your company could use in a welcome series. Then put one in position and see how it increases your bottom line. 
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