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drip email marketing

Drip marketing campaign is a way of communication in which predefined and prearranged messages are sent or “dripped” to individuals for a specific predefined action. When promoting leads, this technique is more effective. It can be used to push the customer and continue to increase their interest step by step in the early part of sales cycle through their feedback and instructions. A large targeted market segment can be reached and nurtured by using drip email technique efficiently.
Every strategy must have a clearly described goal. You cannot strategize an offer if you do not know who your potential customers are and where you trying to reach.

Identify the prospects
Buying behaviour and demographics are the most important to study when you want to send right message to right individual.The offer in your message and its characteristics need to entice your viewers.Offering the wrong message will turn off your potential buyers quickly. Unless you lure their needs and use their language in communication, your promotions can easily be discarded.
What is the best approach
Many buyers are confused with email and prefer to go to a Blog, or other social media profiles like Facebook or Twitter. A phone call is sometimes is the best strategy. Ask your viewers how they want to get contacted. Creating and changing your techniques to fit the needs and demands of your prospects and customers make sure that they will await your emails and read them. One size does not fit all.
Dynamic Content
There is nothing worse than receiving tedious, sales pitch. Drip email campaigns should be caring and helping people with their problems, giving them latest information and best practices in their intrested segment. In short, your content should be useful and considerable to them. Sharing details does not actually have to be written by you or your company. Sending industry research such as MarketingSherpa and eMarketer, sends authoritative studies, showing them you are on top of your field, sharing helpful information they can use.
Drip promotion can be similar to irrigating your garden. You study the need of each flower and can control the irrigating to focus on the blossoms with the right amount of water at the perfect time. It is the perfect picture of a promotion via email campaign.
Overall look Matters
  • Your content should not be overshadowed by design and images, they should only for support your drip campaign.
  • It is a general point, but with email software you can use different templates, so use them efficiently. 
  • Always test your campaigns, because your receiver could have images turned off in his mailbox, don’t use too much graphics they could over power your content.
Using your drip email marketing campaigns effectively
  • Promote a new item or event – give a web seminar – sell a new item on YouTube.
  • Use your campaign to notify, discuss, and educate. Sending some successful tips will always be valued. Create sequences of "how to" articles can bring customers.
  • Ask them to participate in survey. Honest feedback can help change your future techniques and goals.
  • Don't forget to include social networking into your strategies. To allow your individuals to forward, discuss and share your campaign with their friends, family, and colleagues.
With the right promotional strategy, your drip email campaign can achieve the desired success, and it will enable you to focus on future strategies that not only engages, but satisfies the subscriber, as well.
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