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Today email bounces have become the biggest concerns for permission email marketers. These e-mails are like all the evils in the world combined. Due to email bounces your email deliverability could also get affected. Email deliverability is significant because customer attainment is expensive and undeliverable message means the loss of consumers that you paid greatly to attain.

email bounce reasons

The most general reason for occurrence of an email bounce is a misspelled email id. A network breakdown can also be responsible for bounce in exceptional cases, or your e-mail address might get blocked by the mail server. It is also essential to differentiate between hard and soft bounces.

Actually, hard bounces are undelivered emails that are always set aside from reaching the targeted recipient. Hard bounces include blocked e-mail, and email delivered to mistyped and no longer accessible email addresses.

On the other hand, soft bounces are email bounces from those emails which were delivered to an existing address, but were sent back. This may occur due to an occupied in-box, your message being too big or your server capacity has reached its limit.

Here are some significant tips on handling hard email bounces effectively:

1. Scrub your email list frequently
This is an easy task. Eliminate bounced email addresses repeatedly, and re-engage your customers. You can get return on investment by doing it. In addition, fresh email lists give more correct statistics, and will significantly lessen your e-mail bounce rate. For additional information on email list management, look into our article email list hygiene.

2. Examine the bounced email addresses
Probabilities are that some email addresses need rectification if you do not follow a double-opt in method. Though, you may want to correct the email addresses that were misspelled. By doing this you can make the user to verify his or her subscription.

3. Apply double opt-in email method
Double opt-in verifies each address twice before opting-in, reduces the chance of mistyped addresses. Thus, by doing this you would not have to examine the bounced email addresses.

4. Create a win-back marketing campaign
Re-engaging dormant subscriber is an alternative which you must consider if your email open rates are falling short. A win-back marketing campaign will spruce your list greatly, but the outcome will be a cleaner list with more chances to deliver.

5. Try to manage bounce rate
Manage your email bounce rate at less than 10%, as suggested by the major internet service providers because the less the number of hard bounces you get, the better your status with ISPs.

6. Do not send emails to soft bounce ids too frequently
Do you remember a salesperson who continue knocking on your door each day after you have told them to leave. Again, if they come for second or the third time, you are going to be mad and aggravated. Thus, you should avoid sending emails too often to soft bounce email addresses.

7. Import suppression list whenever you change ESP
When you move from one email service provider to another, ensure you import your suppression list because you would not resend to the same hard bounces over again and spoil your reputation.

Therefore, ensure that you implement an email marketing solution, which is able to process bounces instantly and repeatedly. It will not only make your marketing list live and active, but as a practice, will identify you as a genuine and responsible sender.

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