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It is really painful to think that people are making instant judgments about whether or not to read your emails based on a quick glimpse. Now question arises that “how can you keep your e-mails out of the trash or junk”?  You can make your emails out of the trash only with the help of superior design.

Email Design Mistakes

Just look at some common design mistakes that get your emails trashed, which will help your next email get read.

1. Failing to state hello

Your emails should feature a directly recognizable, steady header image. At the end of the day, your header image will be connected to the high-quality information you share.

Preferably, this email header should relate to the product or service your reader signed up to learn more about. So, if you have a special e-mail newsletter then your header should categorize the information you will share, and look visually associated to your brand or service.

2. Solid read fonts

Your email newsletter’s main goal is to give information, and evidently that happens through words. But, what to do if the words are hard-to- read, just be sure to avoid:

Using small fonts: This is particularly essential if some of your readers are 50 or above, and may have perception problems. And, with so many emails being seen on smart phones, it makes sense to enlarge font sizes.

Using too many fonts: Adding too many different fonts make your email messy. So, never use more than two fonts, and just use the italic or bold weights to add diversity.

3. Color affliction

For your email to look proficient and inviting, you have to master color. The prevalent color mistakes are:

Bright color: Stay away from colors that are excessively bright or blooming. Tone them down so they do not contend with your words.

Light text on a dark background: The clearest combination is dark text on a light background, so fix to that whenever possible.

4. Jumbled information

You can make your emails right away look more appealing by avoiding these formatting problems:

When a reader looks at your email, they should know instantaneously which information is the most essential, and which one is the least significant. Make this noticeable by using a larger and brighter main heading. Make your subheadings smaller and less sophisticated.

To make your messages easy to check, use plenty of subheadings. Write in small paragraphs and break up your text into easily readable form.

5. Unpleasant images

Avoid tacky images and stock photography that looks dramatic and false. Keep in mind that people want to do business with real people, so use your own photos or images that are of high quality and look natural.

6. No support to rest on

Sometimes foregone conclusion is a good thing. Providing your contact information, company’s mission, and your social media profiles in a regular footer area at the base of your e-mails makes them look proficient.

Take steps now to make your emails apparent and understandable. Use these tips and tricks to make a recognizable brand experience with every email you send. In fact, it is the best way to make sure that the great information you share does not end up in the trash.

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