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Now in 2013 when number of emails in the inbox of people are increasing progressively, email professionals must get their approach more creative in order to get more open rate for their campaigns. In this post we are explaining why the diversification in email will help in getting more effective results in 2013. 
The emails are getting more and more predictable day by day which means the recipients are getting bored, and when this happens your email goes straight into the trash without opening or worse the subscriber could opt-out from your list which is not good. Change in the pattern catches the recipients attraction and makes your email much more attractive and engaging. A continuous flow of emails that says “buy now” can also be a discouraging factor to customers. The frequency of emails is also matters, avoiding the over sending of communication emails is best for email campaign to be effective.

There are various types of emails through which communication can be done:
1. Newsletter: This is the most common way through which normally updates are being delivered to the interested people. It can be weekly, biweekly, monthly ( I don’t recommend less than monthly). An useful newsletter presenting new updates, company products, and relevant articles will be accepted by readers and customers interested in your brand. Make it interesting by including information that attracts your viewers, and ensure it is value by presenting special deals and unique news.
2.Personal Greetings: Did you know about your e-mail subscribers' special days like birthdays and wedding anniversaries? Are you acknowledging them with a thank-you email? You should be. How about holidays? Are you delivering Christmas greetings, Satisfied Vacations information, and other e-mails showing periodic celebrations? A friendly message that express birthdays or anniversary, conveys appreciation for a latest purchase, can be precious in building relationship and improving product loyalty. It’s a personal touch that makes a professional difference.
3. Entertaining, shareable and educative content in email: You may know the stuff which is more useful, fun, and educational things than you realize—but do you share them? It is most interesting way of catch-all for many different types of content and messaging.  Whether by means of interesting facts or “insider tips,” deliver small bunches of information which can attract the reader. The more interesting they are, the more shareable they will be.
4. Follow up emails which are automatically triggered or drip emails: Did you know triggered email campaigns can produce 10 times the revenue and more than 20 times the profit of normal email campaigns? Yes, triggered emails are highly effective and appropriate because it is focused to members based on latest activities, schedules, or exclusive features.
Marketing via email does not have to follow along with a formal format. In fact, it’s actually more effective with a variety that will keep people fascinated, motivated, and hookup to their inboxes.
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