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Marketing specialists say that people buy jewelry only from someone with whom they create a connection. The internet world provides different ways to market your jewelry business, and it expands your reach far beyond your local area market. Email marketing is one of the online promotions, valuable to consider. Create a place on your website for prospective customers to join an email list, and then deliver e-mails when you have new designs to show them.


Here are some creative email marketing ideas that help in increasing sales for your jewelry store.

1. One of the most prevailing ways to grasp someone's interest through email is to send them an email on their birthday and wedding anniversary with the plain subject line "A special birthday or wedding anniversary wish from your jewelry store."

2. Use your e-mail contacts to share information about yourself such as background information, i.e. how you got into jewelry business, things or people you like, inspiration for your work, etc. Allow your prospective customers to know who you are.

3. When it comes to e-mail you never want to group send all the e-mails to everyone with a birthday in a particular month. The best strategy is to send personal e-mails on the definite day. Within that email you can give a gift or discount coupon for designer jewelry.

4. Anniversary or birthday e-mails should also get delivered promptly on their real anniversary date. Different online services have auto-generated emails for birthdays, but few have automatic e-mail services for wedding anniversaries. Make these messages special, sentimental, truthful, and you could consist of an in-store offer.

5. Preferably you could offer your customers a coupon for a free meal at a local eating place, but they have to come into your jewelry store to get it. For deals like this, you must have special arrangements with another local or family owned restaurant.

6. Apart from email marketing on unique dates, you should deliver a usual informational newsletter to all your customers. These email newsletters should not just be a sale proclamation or a product endorsement; as an alternative you should use it as a way to keep your brand active through content marketing.

7. With an appropriate, ingenious forward to friends contest through your email marketing campaign, your jewelry sales will be a steady increase. Your customers will be thankful for getting your promotional offers, and will get attracted to buy your beautiful jewelry products such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. It is time to offer a good deal to your customer base.

However, increasing customer reliability is an essential part of marketing your jewelry products. Every marketing expert knows that once you have escorted the customer through the sales cycle successfully, they will most probably want to buy again in the near future. Unlike newspaper, radio, or television advertisements your customer can buy an item directly from your e-mail right away. At last, for achieving lifetime success, show your present and future clients with your effective communication that you think about more than just their wallet.

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