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In today’s fast moving world a lot has changed in the method businesses and customers use to communicate with each other. In this concern, email marketing is recognized to be a reliable and adaptable marketing medium.

The technology is continuously evolving and changing the way people all over the world connect to the Internet. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones have altered the method email marketing campaigns are being carried out in these days. Thus, these changes have provided with  new opportunities for online marketers.

The reality that many Indian people are now going through email on their smart phone raises many important questions for online marketers, such as what will the year 2014 embrace for marketers that use the email as a promotional channel? We can by now observe the trends that seize the key to the future of email marketing in India.

But, it is hard to estimate what the 2014 will bring for email marketing. Here, we have tried to predict some email marketing trends that will be vital and helpful for marketers.

1. Preset marketing campaigns
It is evident that in the future more and more online marketers would send automated or preset email campaigns, such as birthday wishes, or special offers, taking benefit of the shares and likes of social media. In fact, automated campaign makes the task of many experts much simpler, so that they can concentrate on diverse things within the organization.

Thus, in the year 2014  you will possibly see the increased use of automatic campaigns as the best method of interacting with customers and getting likes and shares.

2. Device compliant templates
As the number of handy devices is continually rising. Thus, it is a great idea to have email marketing templates created particularly for handy devices such as tablets and smart phones that can be used to deliver email campaigns. In this manner you will surely make your work easier, particularly when you are not capable of using your desktop to deliver an e-mail advertising campaign and require to do it through a mobile device. When it comes to handling email marketing campaigns, ensure you do not overlook another significant factor, which is essential email content.

3. Effective design & flexibility
Marketers and advertisers around the world require to be more supple in terms of how their messages are sent across diverse channels. It denotes that not only the email design is important, but also the method it is delivered and showed to the receivers. Thus, suitable design is becoming increasingly important in the online world.

4. Significance of social media
One of the main predicament of many marketers is that how to develop a content that will support its readers to share or like your post. We imagine that in 2014 a large part of the email marketing world will focus on effective and customized content that persuades shares, openings, and likes on your content. We understand that unique detail as well as product or service reviews and special discounts have high probability to get shared more willingly than a regular email newsletter.

At last, if you want to share your thoughts about this topic feel free to comment in the box below or if you need any help regarding email marketing, please contact us by filling a simple contact form on our website.

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