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No doubt email is the most extensively used technique today. Also, technologies like texting and quick messaging may be gaining interest, but email still rules as definitive killer app. Thus, offering a reliable email service is one of the IT sector's most significant roles.

Email systems can be quite intricate. Ahead of the hardware and software required for email itself, there are other additional applications that are also significant parts of the overall email system, involving spam and malware filters, backup hardware/software, and classifying solutions.


As the shift towards hosted service become more usual, it is important for businesses to gain a better understanding of the hosted versus in-house verdict.

In-house email marketing solutions
The cost of in-house email solution is not just restricted to licensing and hardware cost. It involves expenditures of employees, management, storage, archiving, mobile email, and so on.

To estimate real cost of software licenses, one should also add yearly maintenance and support cost together with installation charges. Up gradation costs for software is also important and should be added in licensing costs.

For in-house solution, you need a dedicated team to manage the processes. Funds are required not only for general email management, but also to uphold sanity of servers and network, block spam mails and virus attacks, check hardware against breakdown, install most recent patches or upgrades on email servers, make redundancy in system and so on. Each of these jobs needs a capable resource who understands the email solution from end to end.

If we think about all these costs for maintaining in-house email solution, the real cost of email per user augments at least four times the price of one e-mail authorization certificate.

Hosted Email Solutions
In hosted email solution, client needs not to agonize about the email infrastructure and its management. The advantages of hosted solution go ahead of the cost.

By using hosted solution you can quickly include new users. You do not have to desecrate time in getting licenses, provisioning in-box space or setting up email ids. Also, hosted email solution can cope up with unexpected increase in inbound or outbound email traffic without difficulty.

The hackers and spammers are incessantly discovering new techniques to occupy into your mailing system. If your mailing system is not improved with latest security patch, it can damage the critical information of your business.

The main reason due to which most of the businesses choose in-house email marketing solution is that they are concerned about their data security and authority over hosted email service.

Though, with cloud email service provider the information is transferred using protected channel and furthermore it is stored at secured location. Moreover, hosted email solution offers intrinsic redundancy which ensures that the data is simulated. In addition, you can manage unlawful email data communication through defining user level limitations and policies for their e-mail usage.

Thus, an email system decision must be made on the basis of your business needs that make sense for the organization and supports organizational goals. Whereas, hosted email marketing solutions are normally a good choice for small companies that do not have basic infrastructure or capability. Big companies or companies that need highly personalized email systems might perform better with an in-house email marketing solution.

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