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email tips for christmas

Start preparing for your Xmas or holiday promotion program by looking at the last year’s campaign. Learn from your past mistakes, build upon past achievements and make this season yet the best one yet for your company, because after all, we all are human and we learn from our mistakes.

  • Some concerns to ask yourself when looking at all factors of your on the internet and email strategy….
  • Can I past negatives into this season's successes? Integrate your learning’s into this season's tactics and strategy.
  • How were clients acting on your landing page last year? And how were they reacting to your email programmes?
  • Through your email campaigns which of your offers performed the best and what are the feedbacks of that offer?
  • Which products performed better/worse than others? Who were your top sellers? Across which channels?
  • What competitive strategies has changed in the last 12 months in your business industry? Do you know what kind of online strategies/programmes your opponents are implementing?
  • Has the industry or the way individuals connect on the internet changed in any way and how will this influenced you? 
Tactics which are tried and tested:
Looking back to the bottom line of your seasonal tactics and strategies– which promotion techniques have you tried & tested in past years? Which proved helpful and which didn’t? Which are you going to make a key aspect of your 2013 and upcoming campaign?
Think about some of these techniques, could they perform for your organisation?
  • Gift suggestion campaigns
  • Communicate urgency and crafted to last-minute shoppers
  • Send a Xmas e-card to customers
  • Promote on the internet or in-store gift-card redemption
  • Offer more transaction options
  • ‘Deals of Christmas’ messaging
  • ‘Advent calendar’ countdown messaging
  • Exclusive Jan revenue preview alerts
  • Being obvious about last order/delivery dates
  • Offer a value-add gift wrap service
This festive season it is essential to put our marketing strategy straight into the place and enjoy the Christmas season with successful strategies.


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