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bulk emails If  Emails can  arouse interest among your clients then it can also have the reverse effect of what you were desiring for your clients. Getting first time sales from your clients is victory only half of the battle the other half battle can be won by  retaining their trust and getting persistent sales. Boost a healthy relationship by understanding deeply your customer’s needs.  By knowing them, you can work on each and every aspect of your internet business to reach new heights. So focus on such kind of emails:

A) Survey Emails
It is the most effective way to know what type of products and services your subscribers are looking for in future. Survey form reveals a great statistical tool to depict consumer behavior patterns. The most appropriate way by which you can send survey email is by using Google Drive for creating survey forms.
You can tempt your subscribers for sending them genuine and meaningful information by offering them free gifts (such as free e-books) for each completed survey.

B) Emails For Requesting Comments and Feedbacks.
Suppose you have launched an fantastic product and maximum of your subscribers are liking it and purchasing it. But it is recommended that you can know their suggestions and views about the product and what else can be done to improve the product further
Create a brief email and shoot those bulk emails with the help of email server provider to your list to get the reviews of your products and services, and what else can be done to make the product more better in terms of qualitative and quantitative aspects.
One of the best example is the release of iPhones. Each and Every new version comes up with new  incremental upgrades for  satisfying market demands.  How would have Apple come to know what kind of upgrades they can include if they did not ask and listen from their customers.

c) Contest Emails
 In contest emails you throw a contest to your subscribers. Contests emails are great platforms to market your products and services in severals ways moreover your contests can even be used to pull more subscribers.
Other thing is that even your Contest emails can also market your new products and services. For example, Apart from launching your product in a new sales page, take the benefit of promoting your product in a contest, because it may happen that few participants can become potential buyers of your new product.

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