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When spam filters obstruct the delivery of a genuine email, this is called as a false-positive result. In fact, false positives are legitimate emails that are incorrectly recognized as spam and can be an insignificant problem or a very critical one, depending on how you sees the issue.


In a few cases, these genuine messages are, for an undecided reason, discarded as spam by a spam filter program on moreover the server or client side and may also be revisited to the sender as a bounce or marked as spam. These issues exist when filtering techniques are set to a quite low tolerance for anything similar to spam, which, should be done to be useful. The downside of the path is this produces more false positives than should be taking place. It also restricts the recipients’ obtained emails and may cause difficulties when doing business with a new customer from an unidentified sender.

Though, preventing spam from doing damage is not almost as hard as restricting false positives. Decreasing or getting rid of false-positives are a dispute for email identification and filtering techniques. Practically, a useful spam filtering system will make false-positives when it comes to automatic notifications, mass mailing marketable newsletters and lawful direct marketing messages.

Here are some significant tips to prevent your email campaign from false positive emails:

1. Some spam filters are organized so meticulously that their false positive rate is soaring.
On other events, genuine emails become false positives by not applying the best email content practices.

2. Make use of anti-spam filters to check your email under different procedures, not in order to make sure what you can get it with, but just to find out if your messages comply with CAN SPAM act.

3. Analyze those of your emails that were considered spam, and the rules that were generated.

4. Follow those rules and techniques that have high point scores, and as a general rule you should not worry about low-scoring rules.

5. You can inquire internet service providers to stop filtering your messages, for instance, if some targeted recipients protest to you that your message that he or she anticipated never got reached. Many internet service providers will be familiar with that email should not be filtered unless the user particularly wants it to get filtered. For spam, as it is a big problem, is not a common one and does not influence the same email user to the same amount.

6. If you carry out email marketing, use a reputable email marketing service with superior email delivery checking and an email reputation. You should always follow these best email marketing techniques.

There are some other serious outcomes of false positives that are more tricky to calculate because they do not take place on a usual basis. And, the client who is disturbed because his main inquiry was never replied, the sale that was by no means made because the order was not obtained, or the business documentation that was not recorded at all.

Overall, the bottom line message is that email false positives are still a severe problem and one that businesses of all sizes face, but mainly the large ones should revert to and determine.

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