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How DKIM Can Help In Increasing Email Deliverability?If you are not blacklisted and still your emails are not making to the inbox of the receiver what will you do? When your email delivered in the inbox of the receiver as it intended to be then it is called successful email deliverability. If your email goes straight to junk/spam or goes missing then it is email deliverability failure. There are many ways to improve email deliverability. In this post we are going to discuss about how increase email deliverability rate by implementing best practices of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) at sender’s end. One of the bad practices used by spammers is forging the sender’s email address to get unwanted and contagious email content delivered. Recently due to such kind of practices, legitimate email professionals are also having problem in delivering their emails because the victims of forged and contagious emails no longer trust any new or unknown emails. There are some sender authentication technologies which help in bringing back the trust in email. The most trusted internet trusted sender authentication technology is DKIM.

What is DKIM? 
Now the first question occurs is what is DKIM? It is an authentication protocol used at both sender and receiver end to verify that the email is coming from where it is claims to be. It helps in increasing the deliverability rate because after verification the receiver can be sure about that it is not a forgery or any type of scam.
How it Works? 
In email the identity of person cannot be established or identified by handwriting, address information, signature, physical writing style etc. So to solve this problem DKIM was created to verify the sender’s identity. It relies on cryptographic process which uses private and public key cryptography.The private key is used to create the signature for email content and headers. When the email delivers to the receiving server it verifies the signature via its public key. If it checks out then the email is delivered. The most notable thing about DKIM key is that it can be distributed through an existing universal database of DNS (Domain Name System). The results of the verification is then stored in the authentication header in the message.

Some Tips to Increase Deliverability Through DKIM
1. The main aim of DKIM is to bring the trust back to email, if the emails are not signed by the sender then the receiver will not be able to trust the legitimacy of the email and sender. So always sign your emails.

2. Always delegate keys to third parties because in case of abuse or the vendor is not in service then it can be revoked easily without any hassle. Always delegate the new set of keys rather than sharing the existing ones because you may want to revoke the access later.

3. There is a DKIM standard where a test flag is to be set, according to this the user is being notified that they should not consider a failure as forged email while problems in the DKIM implementation are exercised.

If the above practices are being used with the CAN-SPAM compliance content, you will definitely experience increase in your deliverability rate. 

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