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When you include a customer or business up to your e-mail marketing list you would like them to be a long-term reader. In order to attain this, you should create some sense of consistency in your emails.

It does not mean that every email must always go after a strict outline and never shift from its shape or tone, but it does really mean making a conscious selection about which areas you want to stay the same throughout, as this will tell you a lot about your preferences. In addition to this, you have to think about how consistency affects the reader.


Through including usual features you can strike into the human tendency like if you can get people involved in something attention-grabbing, then chances are they may like to see some more stuff from you.

Here is how a consistent approach can capitalize on your marketing efforts:

1. Appearance and feel: If you are like most small or medium-sized organizations, you possibly cannot afford to spoil time. How much time you previously used up in creating your logo, deciding on fonts, color format and website outline? Possibly a reasonable amount, so why reconstruct the wheel when planning an e-mail marketing campaign or a landing page?

If you have found a color format and a set of fonts and graphics that address to your audience and communicate your desired image, stick to them and make use of them to reinforce your brand. The uniqueness you set up will reverberate with your customers and set the relationship.

2. Regularity & Timing: The regularity and timing of marketing interactions will be different for every industry. By checking options and monitoring your customer feedback and unsubscribe rate, you can set up the regularity and timing that is adequate to your audience.

Keep in mind that interacting too rarely can be just as bad as talking too repeatedly. If you wait very much to approach to your audience, then your list and the authorization you fought so hard to get can become decayed. And, if your customers hear from you only once in every six months, do not be amazed if you hear from them just as rarely. So make your strategy in advance. Take a look at your agenda to make a decision what information to convey and when. Your agenda may change, but your plan will give you a strong base.

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3. Quality of tone: Is your tone temperate and informal, spiky and humorous, brittle and specialized? Don't fear to be distinctive. Set up your behavior and tone at the onset and intertwine it during all of your communications to distinguish yourself from your competitors. People unite and react to one another on an individual level. Your customers will be thankful for your eccentricity and unique character. Just make sure that it is present in all of your promotional materials and interactions from customer letters and brochures to your website, greeting message, opt-out message, order verification, etc.

At last, being consistent does not mean you should stop being innovative. There is always a way to improve your image and your communications with your customers. Just keep in mind, when you make modifications, revise everything. And, constantly check your results to make sure they are consistently fine. Overall, consistency does not only save your time by helping you make simpler and concentrate on your marketing efforts, but more prominently, it will help you set and regularly meet the expectations of your consumers. And, that equals an optimistic impact to your end result.

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