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If you are an affiliate marketer and never used the email as a marketing media, then it's time to include it in your affiliate marketing strategy. Your business can benefit immensely by using email marketing. Unluckily, some affiliates strive to get their email opened and read and as a result think that the solution is to send out emails in bulk. After doing that, they begin with a poor open rate and exactly within a few weeks see it fall additionally to just a few more percent.


You can absolutely have good email open easily by following these six proven techniques:

1. Begin with an influencing subject line
The subject line is like the heading of an email. If your email subject line does not get attention, then it will not get read. It must attract the subscriber, it has to attract your customers and get them to stop what they are unfolding the email. The aim of the subject line should be to develop enough interest to get the reader to unfold the email. And, there must be a relationship to the subject line with the content. You should be creative in order to tie the matter relevantly back into your email.

2. Open with a narrative or short story
When you create more personal emails, you have a much better opportunity of being read. Usually, people purchase from people and reply to people. Consider what you will actually read because when it comes to stories you are very much engrossed than when you get in front of propaganda and empty promises. Stories are more meaningful and they minimize sales resistance. Keep your story short and concise.

3. Explain with an example
Provide your users with the information about a few companies that have effectively used affiliate marketing in a way that gave profit to themselves as well as their acquaintances. For instance, is a well-known company that has used a general affiliate program for the monetary profit of all. Give surety to your potential associates that this is one of the proven methods of marketing, which is mutually advantageous.

4. Find out your reader's problem at the beginning
There is a difference between seeking attention and over-indulging. So inquire yourself prior to start writing, like what problem will this product resolve for my client? If you can recognize that what keeps your customers up, and what you are giving can fix it, you can simply connect that feeling to a resolution. But, do not wait for more time to discuss the benefits or they will not at all get that far.

5. Use effective call to action
Your affiliate marketing email has only one purpose- to get the person on the other end to soar into action. You must make use of effective email call to action. It has been proved that if you have more than one link to send them or many offers, then your email will not get responded to. Thus, providing them with two choices such as either click on the link or unsubscribe will definitely work.

6. Close your email with an invitation
At last, wind up your email with an invitation to join you as a partner in marketing. Express thanks for giving their time and support them to get back to you as soon as possible, so you can begin working together right away.

In the end, these techniques are built around the idea of thinking about long-term revenues rather than immediate wins. So, implement these techniques for getting higher email open rate in your affiliate business today and generate higher revenues.

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