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In B2B email marketing, email list growth is one hard nut to break. Actually, it is not as simple as business to consumer retailers, where customers get attracted with unique offers, discount coupons and many other enticing promises. B2B marketers have to grab interest to their website and provide customers with whitepapers, email sign-up forms, blogs, webinars and different interactive sessions in order to eventually get users to opt-in.

b2b email list building

B2B email list growth is a top concern for every email marketer. Nowadays, it is especially important to increase your list with quality sales leads to keep your messages in your subscribers' in-boxes and to reduce the risk that an internet service provider will obstruct your messages because of obsolete, non-functioning, or fake email ids.

Various business to business marketers also feel anxious that they do not have sufficient email volume to produce high-quality leads continuously for their sales forces because they have email ids for less than 50% of their client list.

If you are a B2B email marketer, here are some innovative ideas on how to grow your customer email list and eventually your revenue.

1. Email is an opportunity, not a right
When you send emails to your subscribers individually, you would better improve your game. You have been provided with the opportunity to send emails to that person. Respect that subscriber by keeping your promise to deliver great stuff. Do not agitate their in-box by sending anything less than superior. A good email meets one of these three standards: it should be actionable, proven and it should have a strong opinion.

2. Create your list by organic method
An easy sign-up form on all heavy traffic pages to your website is still one of the best methods for creating quality email list. Use some of these new ideas to create targeted email list:

(a) Provide first-time website visitors with an opt-in light box layer to ask for opt-in email sign-up.

(b) In the header part of your site, insert email sign-up link.

(c) Avail benefit of higher resolutions and broad screen by using the white space on the sides. Check out forms that follow the browser as they discover your site's content.

(d) Improve footer sign-up messaging and add images for prominence.

Assess and evaluate the outcomes of sign-up placements with Alpha/Beta tests whenever feasible. Check the website revenue per viewer and the revenue per subscriber to measure the success of each sign-up method.

3. Email list creation via offline marketing medium
Creating email list through offline marketing medium means using print ads, sales sheets and news releases and you must include your business URL as well. You can also use business card. Make use of an exclusive call to action.

4. Gather email addresses through trade shows and local events
Business and community events provide various opportunities to gather email addresses. At trade shows and discussions, make your brand name unforgettable. If you have an email sign-up on your home page, ensure you have a dedicated email sign-up page. Use that link wherever you have inadequate space.

At trade shows or community events, wear or gift t-shirts with your URL. Any promotional thing that can be printed should use your URL. If you have a table or booth, then you can give brochures or leaflets that represent your business expertise and consist of information on how to sign-up for additional tips through email. Better you should use an ipad to collect the emails of your new customers.

5. Grow your list through referrals
They may not get you to balance quickly as hiring a list or purchasing sales leads, but there is not anything like good-old-fashioned networking to increase your B2B email list. In our implicit world of social networks, webinars and video conventions, face-to-face communication brings an individual element to your business. And, do not get scared to connect with your business competitors because you don't know where you might get your next sales lead.

Therefore, always remember that producing high-quality leads must be your main aim. Ensure you check the opt-in source and frequently study which resources bring in the best leads. Constant tracking will permit you to improve your list growth efforts and learn which resources to ignore.

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