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Importance Of Triggers

Triggers are essential because they allow you to make a individual relationship with your subscribers. These trigger emails are very individual and can be used to cope with new subscribers, when it's somebody's wedding, birthday and for many other reasons, too!
Why use trigger emails?
You might be thinking why trigger emails are such a big deal, especially if you already have an autoresponder doing a lot of your mailing for you. The response to this is that with trigger emails you are able to address with each client as they do something particularly, rather than delivering bulk emails to everyone at certain time. For example if one of your clients subscribe to get your newsletter, then this would "Trigger" and e-mail to be sent to them saying thanks to them and along with a copy of the latest newsletter. Another fun way to use trigger is to have an email sent to your subscribers on their special day like, birthday or anniversary etc. They will appreciate the thought and experience a much closer relationship to your organization or product because you "remembered" their special day.

Triggers are essential because they get in touch with subscribers in the very time they are most likely to read your email, right after they have done something on your website. In addition to, these emails are a supplement to your present campaigns and newsletters. You will discover that using trigger emails will make a more powerful relationship with your subscribers and that is what you are after.
There are many advantages of triggers and uses you may not have believed of yet. For example, you can have the most latest version of your newsletter in a new subscriber's mailbox within moments of them becoming a new client. This is essential because if they just joined they will be interested to read your newsletter. You may even have a unique newsletter just for new members. Another option is to use the trigger emails to send out every week emails for a particular campaign. For example, it could be used for five weekly emails on daily workout routine or else a weekly emails on low fat recipes. The campaign or subject is up to you, it's just the trigger email that will send it!
An amazing way to take advantages of the trigger emails is to send special day celebration email on or before the date, that has a voucher to use within a certain time interval. Not only will your subscribers feel delighted to have an email wishing the day but they will also be happy to get a discount too. This implies they will be more likely to use the discount because they can get the products or services at a better cost not to bring up it is their special day and they feel like they "deserve" a gift!
Using triggers in email marketing other autoresponders can really add some value to your services for your subscribers and customers.
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