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It’s the time of information and with it comes the increasing awareness of the marketing strategies that are striking us from every corner. The customers are getting smart at finding false front, and with it their selectivity develops. This means that you need to double your efforts for the emails to get through. Simply transactional approach is not an everlasting strategy anymore. Now question arises how an email can improve a brand’s reputation and make possible to be recognized via large number of people. So, here are some tips for better improvement of your product or brand’s loyalty in the eyes of prospective customers:


1. Try to be an idle seller: Show concern with limiting your daily emails. Your emails should be inviting, not assertive with your subject lines and calls to action. Provide more than just value for money and tag-line buy now.

2. Stand out graphically: Enhance your brand logo and make sure that design of brand matches the brand expectations. And, even though you are a famous brand with a well-recognized logo, you do not need to be afraid of changes. You can even take privilege of them.

Your email marketing messages should prove that you are a creative, active and innovative brand, which by the way makes a good move for your brand loyalty. The announcement must show respect for the customers by adding: you’re precious that is why you need to know. And it’s still another great chance to increase revenues.

3. Quality matters a lot: Do not overload readers with images, ideas and length. Hardly anything is valuable scrolling down, so have the most precious information above the fold.

4. Your customers can do more for your brand than just buy: Try to create a circle of true followers and encourage buzz by offering people something worth talking about you get free marketing and true brand support. It’s all about having direct marketing which goes far beyond the social media apps.

5. Present more than just value for money: Give advice and inspiration i.e., offer links to customer forums, pdf text and white papers for free download. Also, offer links to related non-commercial sites, experts’ suggestions, problem solutions and relevant news, etc.

6. Gain trust for your brand by following best practices: Include security statement, privacy acknowledgement, unsubscribe option and gradual access to view and handle personal details. For doing this, you can also hire services of  email service provider. Smart email marketing is called ethical e-mail marketing.

7. Actively build up the positive image of your brand: Market your products at local address communities, show respect, and be a socially responsible company. Always keep in mind that at the other end of your email there’s a person, and he can be choosy, moody and busy. Thus, to get him on your side you must have to gain trust, reputation, quality, relevancy, honour, and dialog.

It is simpler than you think, or you might even be doing it at the moment, but knowing what is significant, can take you a step further.

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