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christmas landing page

We have already discussed about holiday season email tips and as it getting closer and closer as an email marketing professional you have to be ready to cash in the oppurtunity of the year. Black Friday gone! Cyber Monday gone! what is next? hey its Christmas and you have to change your content designs and other stuff to be ready for the christmas. 

We already talked about the mobile landing page optimization and Christmas Email Marketing Campaign, here I am going to discuss about landing page creation for bigger screen. How to create a landing page so appealing that a it increase your ROI? There are basic tips, an overview of how to design a better landing page?

Whether you are a newbie or professional these tips are must follow during the creation of landing page.

Have a brief overview of your outcome: What is the perfect preferred outcome? Are you looking to make money, gather details, or is there some other intended activity.
Always be focused like laser: Literally. Lasers are so focused to a point and in sync with each other. Your landing page should be in the same way – every pixel is there for one reason  -because it’ll help motivate the guest to take the preferred activity. Everything you put on that web page should complete this check.
Know your visitor: Be extensive about analyzing your presumptions about what your guest knows and believes. Find them and, to the level possible, never believe. Promoters know that supposition without description is like losing a step – just like losing platform in football or “can force you to start over – if you are fortunate enough”.
Design according to the occasion: Different design for different occasion will create a excitement among your visitor, they will attract more to your web page to know what is new. Include pictures and graphics according to the occasion – like this is christmas season design the page accordingly.
Offer multiple and clear call to action: It is one thing which is extremely important in your email as well for your landing page. Tell your visitor what you want them to do loud and clear.
Develop trust with visitor: People like to deal with those who they like, know and trust. Our best customers increase their reliable quotient by showing recommendations and known protection signs like PayPal, VeriSign, BBB, etc.
No Typos: Check and verify – and then have it examined by someone else. People are infamously hard on small misspellings or lexical errors; it shades their whole understanding of your company.
Remember the impression: “First impression is the last impression” Although it is not what I exactly mean but first impression do matter. If you want to know how your page is doing at first impression try They will give you a review based on their testing group or a list of your own participants.
Ask for as less information: Don’t be greedy. People don’t like to fill big forms. Try to get away with catching the lowest amount of details you can. It’ll improve conversion rate.
Try and try: Create atleast 2-3 landing page and test all of them, see the statistics which page is performing more? And act accordingly.
Ok, now next time we will discuss about landing page optimization and landing page testing. Until then create great landing pages and try them all. 


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