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Email marketing through mobile devices is very general today. People usually go through e-mails, involving newsletters, on their mobile device or smartphone. Actually, today’s mobile displays have become much bigger than before, so there is no problem in going through emails directly on the mobile phone, but it should be remembered that the e-mail is not too big in size or too wide.

Mobile Email Marketing

In previous times, pictures in email newsletters could be a big problem and cause frustration because it took a long time to download the graphics, but today the internet connections for mobile devices are so fast that normal images are no problem any longer, in terms of pace. The cell phones of today have also larger storage capacity than before, so the threat that downloading more emails will use all accessible memory, is very less.

If all of your customers go through their emails on their mobile device or smartphone, you can also anticipate that sometimes they will read your newsletter too. And, in the upcoming years, the amount of users of mobile phones with good e-mail capacities will improve a lot. So, the number of individuals who open newsletters on mobile devices will in the near future be many more than now.

Here are a few essential things, which every mobile email marketer must consider for becoming successful in mobile marketing:

1. Make use of a short and precise email subject line. If you have a lengthy subject line with different words, the last word will not be observable in the display of mobile devices.

2. Do not create your email marketing newsletter too broad. If the user needs to scroll too much sideways it can seem as very distressing and user may desist from going through the newsletter.

3. From time to time it may be good to deliver plain text messages as an alternative of HTML newsletters, if many of the recipients make use of a cell phone. Text messages have the great benefit that the line width is always modified to the display or window size. This means that the user does not need to scroll parallel to go through the e-mail.

4. You should not use very small pictures in the newsletter because they cannot be easy to see on a mobile’s display. And, you should not include very big pictures because the user then has to scroll much to see the complete image, and it may seem disturbing.
5. Ignore light text on a dark backdrop for the main text because this type of text may appear hard to read if the letters are tiny on the cell phone’s display.
6. Do not consider a multifaceted design and complicated images because it may come out wrong in some older mobile devices.

7. Significant and interesting information should always be positioned at the top and to the left in the email newsletter because this is the most noticeable portion on mobile phone displays.

8. If you want to provide your customers with an offer, or if you advertise products or services, you should always have a contact number in the newsletter that is simple to find. Keep in mind that it is a device that they have in their hands, so they can call openly if they are paying attention to your products.

You can share your experiences on mobile email marketing and how you deal with mobile email newsletters. This market is getting larger day by day, so we are eager to hear from you.

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