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As we discussed in our earlier post that creating fresh content for email campaigns can be much simple than you thought. When you crafted that content you must consider it checking it, so it can be more effective and relevant to your reader. We have gathered a checklist of some things which can help you ensuring that you put out  the best possible content, for the readers, without a hitch!

Goals - Establish  your success measures for your campaign and think what you want to accomplish with this particular campaign.
Target Viewers - There is a fact that different viewers have different needs and you have to create different content for different segment. And list out who your potential viewers are and  distribute the content accordingly.
Keywords - Focus on one or maybe two keywords not more than that and wrap your content around that, then make sure that your viewers should find it when they read.
Headline/Title - Headline or title is the most important part of an email, because based on it the recipient will decide whether to read it or not. Make it loud, make it attractive and most importantly make it useful for the targeted audience. Always try two or three titles and monitor the results, finally use the one which got the best response.
Links - Putting the links in the email is a very sensitive part because if you put it somewhere the reader will not take a look, then it is a waste of that link. Create the link on the relevant keywords between the content and it will work like a charm.
Branding - Your content is the way of promotion of your brand. Take this opportunity to promote it in the right way, choose the perfect voice and formatting for it.
Images - Visually appealing content always attract the readers attention. Use pictures where possible, not too much and not too less. Before using any image or graphic always check for copyrights, if it is possible you can purchase images from these websites:,
Consistency - You may have more than one content writer for your campaigns but always remember that it must have a consistent voice because it is speaking for your brand. Keep in mind that, especially in email campaigns, you need a voice of human for the humans.
Layout of email - Your content must be easy to read, understand and scan. Your reader will scan it first and if he find it interesting then he will read it. Use proper space, bullets and bold text in it to make it easy to scan.
Call to Action - Most of the times readers don’t know what action to take after reading the email because it lacks clear call to action. The content should be crafted in a way that it encourage reader to do some specific action, like click on link or fill demo form or something you want him to do.
Check for silly mistakes - If your content have silly mistakes like spelling mistakes or grammar error then it can make a bad impression of your brand to the reader.  
If your content pass this checklist then it can convert more readers into leads and leads into customers. And you will have a successful email campaign otherwise all the open rate or CTR in the world is not useful at all.
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