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tips for effective email subject line

When composing an email for your campaign it’s all about the subject line. Your subject line appears in the inbox of the readers whether on the desktop or in the mobile device. It’s the first thing seen by your recipient and if it does not instantly catch the eye of the reader they are going to move on. But catchy lines are not enough.
Here are three tips for writing effective subject lines.
Use a keyword: This should be a no-brainer but you would be amazed how many professionals do not even think about this. If you want your email to be read, then you have to use the keywords and phrases that readers are looking for. And it should be in the first part of subject line.

Tell your subscriber what they are going to read: Stop try being catchy and appealing and give your subscribers an obvious sign of what they are going to read when they open your email. Let them know you have it the information they are looking for. If they have to focus at that subject line and think what it’s about, they are just going to move on.
Tell them how it will help: Which would you rather like to read:
  • Top 10 Email Marketing Tips
  • Top 10 Guidelines to Help You Get More Delivery Rate
  • My 5 Top Secret Tips to Get the Type of Open Rate That Buys
Personally, I’d simply click on the last one. I’ve already study enough generic email marketing tips to last me a lifetime and I’m up to my ears in tips on getting more visitors – I do not even have a chance to try them all. But, if someone tell me they had a way to produce the type of open rate that open up their pockets when they get to my email, now this I have to see.
That last subject line also works on a few other levels:
1. It’s tailored and personalized – these are “MY” top secret tips. I’m already using them and they are performing for me, so I know they will continue to perform for you, too.
2. These are my “SECRET” tips. What happens as soon as you tell someone you have a secret to share? They trim in nearer and provides you their complete attention!
3. These are my “TOP” secret tips: This drives the “secret” factor a little further. Not only these are secret tips, but they are tricks that I would not discuss with just anybody. You better rush up and study this content.
So, you see, you do not have to swing the tough words and phrase with your subject line. All you have to do is tell people what it’s about and how it’s going to help. And remember your keywords!
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