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Merry Christmas to all!!! Yeah yeah it is pretty early to say that but if you want to greet all your colleagues, clients, friends and family far from you then you should start working on it right now. Today we are still alive after so many predictions of doomsday from the Mayan Calendar, so there are now more reasons to celebrate Christmas and new year, and there are even more reasons to thank your clients for being loyal to your organization. It's not just appropriate etiquette, but it's just absolutely thoughtful and gracious.

Customers need to know you're thankful for their company, and including thank-you emails to your promotion illuminates the human part of your product. There are many ways to say thanks some of them are:
The Periodic Thanks: Holidays—especially Thanksgiving—is the obvious chance to thank devoted clients. But go beyond national or religious vacations. Are you also saying thanks to your clients on the anniversary of their connection with you? Of their first purchase? On vacations appropriate to them (Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Year etc…)?
The Immediate Thanks: It's essential to acknowledge any deal or interaction right away; be sure to do it in a overall tone, design and style that go with the channel in which your client took action. And don't be skimpy on the appreciation if they invested plenty of cash. Match your thanks, in quantum, to the action you are thankful for. For example The last time I purchased property, I received a large housewarming gift basket, not a boring postcard or text.
The Surprise Thanks: Even the most cachectic client will likely appreciate a thanks message that comes for no particular purpose. To start with, converge a quarterly or (if you're ambitious) monthly thank-you campaign to reward repeat business and loyalty of customer. You can set up a frequent routine, keep clients wondering or tie the program to behaviour.
The Point: It's OK to demonstrate you're “Thankful and Grateful”. Like buddies, your clients won't appreciated if you get in touch with them only when you want something from them. Thank them once in a while.
Best way to thank them is through email. It is the most easy and economical way to send your greetings to your clients and colleagues. Email is the most appropriate way to thank because of its unique characteristics, people still consider email as reliable medium of communication,  people still check their inbox more than twice a day, and they will feel special if they get a customized “Thank You” email from you. So tell your clients and colleagues that you are grateful to them through email this Christmas.
Alphasandesh is now offering Christmas and New Year discount offer on professional and enterprise plan, which include 15% off on our new sign ups and 20% off on existing customers who want to renew or upgrade their plans.


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