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There is common question going through the mind of a lot of new and old email professionals and that is “what is the best day and best time to send promotional emails?” Is this question  bothering you also or somebody else asked you this question? Well this might be the answer you are searching for.
According to many expert’s observation the best day and time is from Tuesday to Thursday between 10am to 2pm. The reason we recommend this time is generally people feel Monday blues on Monday and will most likely not in the mood to buy something. On Friday people are getting ready for weekend mood and wrapping up their week’s work for next week, so they might think, “I will see it later” until it is some special occasion like Christmas or Easter. And on Saturday and Sunday they don’t want to be annoyed by some promotional email in their inbox.

So we can consider these reasons and we believe that there are plenty of surveys and studies are already done on this subject and the results were average. However, these outcomes may not fit into your potential market. You definitely do not want to hold on to the normal visitors time slot for your potential viewers. You would want to aim for time slot that you can get you highest possible visitors flow. You don’t want to settle for the less traffic when you can get the highest possible visitors at your own day and time. In the worst case scenario you may not even get the average visitors flow when you follow these industry recommendations.  
So do you want to follow these guidelines? “Tuesday to Thursday, and 10am to 2pm rule”? You probably not want to, why? This is because of what segment of market you're targeting on. Probably you know that from 10am to 2pm 18 year old are still in colleges, so if your product is for them you cannot have their attention in that time frame and then you may have to use another appropriate time slot.
So now as you can see in the mentioned example that the appropriate day and time and are depends upon your targeted viewers. General rules may not applicable if you have a special targeted niche. 
There is another way to find out the right day and time to send emails to your targeted market apart from analyzing their behaviour, i.e. analyzing the traffic of your website. You can analyze the analytics reports of your website and see at what time the visitor’s flow is maximum. Use those details and set the day and time for email campaign. This is one of the most reliable way to figure out the appropriate day and time. 
The day and time when the visitor’s flow is maximum on the website is the opportunity you have to capitalize and convert those visitors into buying customers. If you are handling the website yourself, you should not have any issue gathering these details.
There is decisively no reason to follow general market rules if you have your own set of rules that works for you. Setting your own day and time to send email campaign based on your actual traffic data is the best strategy for successful email campaign.
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