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dos and donts of email autoresponders

The autoresponders are now playing a vital role in automated email marketing in 2013. As we know that automated email marketing is on the rise, so the new marketers must know how to use the autoresponders effectively. Autoresponder is a double edged sword if it not used smartly it can bring catastrophe to the business. There are some things to know about how to use autoresponders (what to do and what not to do).
Using it for new subscribers
It is a fantastic way to thank new subscribers for signing up and confirming their subscription, ask them to add your email address to their contact, so the further emails can directly go into their inbox.

Since email applications are particularly picky, emails from source addresses usually end up in somebody's spam folder, or even more worse, marked as spam and completely obstructed.
To prevent this adversity, use a text format email for your first communication with your new subscriber. Emails using text format usually pass all of the tests and make their way into the recipient’s inbox.
Unfortunately, HTML autoresponders are not so fortunate. Complete of fantastic style and amazing design, these emails are the first flagged as spam. Or, if the email does land in the inbox of recipient it may not show up properly.
We recommend to go with the text email for introduction. Yes, it is dull. Yes, it is tedious. Yes, it is not the most innovative way. But, just think about the opportunities to amaze them in the future after they add your email address!
Do use a text formated email for introduction autoresponder..
Don’t use HTML the first time, use it after the verification of your connection.
How and why to maintain subscribers list
Make sure that your list is accurate and up to date, regardless of what the subscriber list is. Most auto responder applications instantly update the list. Yet just don’t leave it to the application check it manually time to time.
The subscribers may change their information, by not assessing what they are upgrading to or unsubscribing from, is very risky for your organization.
If there is a huge unsubscription rate from a certain autoresponder campaign, then look for the reason why is this happening. Is it frequency? Is it content? Whatever the reason may be, neglecting the details your viewers are offering you are damaging your whole strategy.
Regularly check and update your list.
Don’t think that your list is always perfect.
Using the fresh content for autoresponders
One of the main problem with autoresponders is the sloppy attitude. It means, once you set up your autoresponders for whatever your needs are, sometimes you forget that your content needs to be refresh.
The most simple and effective solution to this problem is always keep your content fresh, creative and attractive.
Always check the content of autoresponder, whatever your autoresponder’s schedule is.
For example, if you send an autoresponder for every birthday of a subscriber, and you have not changed it, say, the special offer, the subscriber will see right through it.
Check the content in every 2 weeks for monthly autoresponder.
Check the content in every 6 weeks for quarterly autoresponder.
Check every quarter for annual autoresponder.
Autoresponder may be the excellent way to take extra baggage off your shoulder, but it does not mean that getting the simple way is ok. 
Treat your autoresponder like a blog update: you would not repeat the same content for something that is constantly updating, so why would you do it for your autoresponder?
Keep your autoresponder content fresh, attractive and relevant.
Don’t believe your content is perfect.


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