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Usually when people face sign up forms on internet from a company they either discard the form or fill up the wrong information, may be sometimes you did this too.
One of the greatest difficulties in online promotion is the over-abundance of late-stage, product-specific and private content.

This content is excellent for customers who are prepared to “buy now.” And promoters should implement techniques to recognize and catch every one of these leads that we can for our companies. Content is the most important source to bring online leads for B2B companies, whether it is through emails, social media campaigns or any online media strategies. 
Interested people fill forms in most of the cases if not in many, when the content comes with a price to access it. Using registration form will filter the interested people from normal users. The people who are more likely interested to buy will surely fill the registration form and you will get a promising lead. Theoretically it is possible. 
Practically-speaking, however, putting a signing up form at the front side of every content, be it a email, white paper, research paper, sales brochure or movie, however, is an incomplete technique for lead generation that disregards a simple fact: it's often likely that several communications will be needed before an interested prospective is willing to fill a signing up form. So the less you're willing to provide without sign up form, the less likely it may be that you procreating a promising lead.
What then is the right approach? Here are some question worth asking when considering whether the content should be placed behind a registration form.
1. Is your content likely to be shared/distributed far or limited?
For example, if your organisation just finished a research, and you plan to promote the outcomes through media announcements, emails, press releases etc., putting the full research behind a form may not be all that effective. After all, if your distribution campaign is successful, then the information of the research will likely be distributed widely and copies of it are probably going to be shared everywhere anyway — something you want as it will help develop your reliability and product.
On the other hand, a registration form will be appropriate where the information isn’t likely to be shared outside the organization and the interested prospects.
2. What is the position of your prospective in sales cycle?
The sales cycle will likely define the relevance of registration form, for instance if a prospective client is in the early stage of sales cycle then a high level brochure or fact sheet will be more relevant to him, but it won’t be any good for the client who is in the later sales cycle.
The individual who is likely further along in the sales cycle is probably the one you want to talk with the most, so quickly sharing the early sales cycle content and putting the more specific content that would entice a probability further along in the sales cycle behind a registration form can be a sensible approach.
3. How specific and technological is the information?
B2B companies uses content as a useful revenue generation tool, but the content that is more specific and technological is a double-edged sword: if the recipient didn’t understand it, then it can cause to uncertainty that can be critical to a sale. As such, ensuring that you can follow up with a receiver of this type of content may not just be suitable, it may be essential.
4. Can the material provide as a filter?
Fecundity doesn't always link with success. Ask an knowledgeable B2B sales rep and possibilities are he will tell you: less is often more when it comes to leads.
Registration forms have an apparent part to play in maximizing quality leads. Place a sign up form before every PDF you provide on your website and there's a reasonable opportunity you'll produce more low-quality leads. Use your content as a filter, and your content can easily become a tool for separating wheat from chaff. 
5. How fresh is the content?
Fresh content isn't always more useful or appropriate, particularly in B2B companies, but it's worth re-evaluating your content from time-to-time. As content grows old, it may appear sensible to free it from the registration forms so that the value of more latest content can be more efficiently highlighted.
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