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a) Obscure Writing
Your site should not leave visitors guessing. If readers are not able to understand what you're trying to say, it simply means that a company is deceiving them.

b) Unpredictable website design
First impression is last impression. You have to attract the visitors within few second. If you're hindering them with distracting animation, or slow-loading images, use of too vibrant colors it can make your customers feel cynic.

c) Spelling and Grammar Mistake
It’s very disrespectful to readers if you are making a silly mistake likes spelling, grammar. It simply conveys that if you are unable to manage a spell check, how could you provide a high-quality solution?

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d) Writing for search engines, not for people
Many marketers are very concerned with their organic search presence, but Google’s crawlers are very smart enough to understand what your website is about nowadays so do not cheat.

e) Bad online reviews
Having great reviews don’t means that you have reliable company image You should also monitor negative online reviews about your company.  As per the research reports it is said that 25% of search results comes from reviews, blogs, and social media updates.

f) Not having social presence
Social media has become ubiquitous nowadays, and when companies don’t have social profiles, it seems as if that company is not well organized. So involve yourself proactively into social media as it is a two-way street which helps in making strong relationship.

g) Difficult to unsubscribe from your emails
There should be "Unsubscribe" button in emails as it is a legal requirement. If the customer is peacefully searching the unsubscribe button and if that button is hidden. This is pretty much sure that people will not only distrust your company but also will detest you.

h) Your emails hitting the SPAM folders
Assure that you’re optimizing your emails for the inbox, because all the people in the spam folders are the least trustworthy person.

I) There's no way to contact someone
If your website doesn't have any contact information like an email address, phone number, physical address it means that you don't want to talk to anyone. Although the cost of services that you are offering  are very low as compared to market but absence of  your contact will not fascinate the customer in any way.

J) You're emailing people that didn't opt in
It’s totally unethical to bombard someone's inbox without their permission. Sending Email to those people that didn't opt in to receive communications from your end is the most trust-breaking activities you could perform.

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