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This post will give a rough idea how web tools can be useful in email marketing and how to integrate them with your mailing process. Whether you are going to use email for professional or personal use, there are still various reasons why you should use web tools in your email campaign, the most important of them all is they save time. 
More time can be saved
Basically there is lots of your time, energy and effort to be saved when using mailing tools. Many of these tools allow you to make your emails in advance so that you can choose a template that only needs minimal improvements when it is sent out. As a business you are going to have to deliver out several emails with identical information on, and with these tools making emails in advance is a good idea because after that you will only need to do is modify a name or a number.

Easy automation
Web tools have the capability to automatically and instantly responds to emails. Many business organizations have a softwares that delivers out a verification email after a sell has been made. Emails may also be sent to validate the invoice when a client makes an enquiry. These features help to improve your client support while demanding very little input from yourself.
They can deliver mass emails 
If you try to send bulk mail in a regular scenario then you will have to let the receiver know whom else you sent the email to, because it will be shown automatically on the email. There is also a very much chance that a bulk mail will be land into the spam folder of recipient. These tools are able to send bulk emails one at a time which will further check the possibility of spam. All you have to do is schedule them.
Time schedule and synchronization 
Synchronization of different email campaigns is easily possible. You can deliver advertisements related toys, games etc to the kids and teens, and advertisements for sensible footwear to the mother and father, all simultaneously and with the same tool at the same time. You can also schedule the mails to be sent at the prime time. You can also plan your email promotions weeks before and upload it, then the program will deliver your emails at the pre-programmed durations that you choose.
It will check your personal email account from being banned due to too much mailing
If you deliver too many emails from your personal account the system will consider that you are spamming and will suspend or close your account. Online mailing tools and softwares are developed to deliver out bulk/mass emails to your customers with rotating IP so that your account should not be banned.
Email can be developed in the same way like web page with the help of it
These tools have the capability to allow you to make a HTML web page and convert it into email. The emails you deliver will keep HTML value so that the audience will enjoy a far more entertaining and wonderful show.
Create better looking and more effective emails
Online editing softwares are all over the Internet, and can be used to develop and edit emails so that they look more effective and show their marketing message in a better and brief way.
More comprehensive and enhanced filters and sorting functions
It is a lot simpler to narrow down your emails and categorises them into groups when you have online assistant to help you. A software or tool like this is important to a company that gets a lot of response emails or queries through email.
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