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Why your brand needs email marketing

One of the digital marketing channel i.e. has been sneaky hot of late. Making money is the most focused matter for majority of businesses and because email has experienced a sound metamorphosing in many ways it is the most favorite marketing channel for them. New and growing companies are now increasing their budget and accepting email in their marketing strategy. Although this channel is a must do in every organization in the last five or more years we will try here to clear (once again) why your brand needs such a type of promotion these days.
These reasons are a good 'reason' to begin considering it if you are not already using this exciting method.

1st Reason: It is ‘Direct’
It is a direct method of communication with customers and potentials. Even if you offer footwear or seafood or web solutions or you provide training or consulting you need interaction with your customers. You can just drop an email to your customers private inbox, it is a very direct method. If you want to be more direct approach than this then you have to pay them a visit personally. If you are using opt in list then is almost like chatting with them.
2nd Reason: Not too aggressive
It is the unique feature of this method, you delivered email to their inbox but they it is upto them to choose when is the right time to read your email. Think about the difference in sales revenue result between call with in busy working time and a courteous email. If the client is really enthusiastic about what you have to say then email is the best way to approach.
3rd Reason: It is Fast
Another irresistible reason is, you can deliver an email which gets to 100, 1000, 10000 or more subscribers in ten minutes. No other method can have the same outcomes. In TV, Facebook, twitter or any media you can have huge viewers in the spot but you must have them synchronized. If some of your prospective customers do not see TV on enough time your Ad is on they will not see your message. If your followers do not logged into twitter, they will lose your tweet. If you have a web page you do not know when they will come in. You 'knock' your customers door when they have enough a time to see your message with email. And you do that in minutes. If you have a big opt-in list you will have a great result with one email consisting offer.
4th Reason: It is Universal
If you have a global brand then this is a means a lot for you. For example you sell clothes or shoes globally? An email can approach people all over the globe. You do not really care where your prospective customer is. Your outcomes are independent of the location.
5th Reason: It is Measurable
You can measure all types of metrics with email campaign like sent email, opened email, CTR etc. If you merge these metrics with the incredibly economic price of this technique then you get really big benefits from any other promotion technique. As they say 'You can't Handle What You Can’t Measure'.
6th Reason: It is Targeted
To give an example let's assume you sell jewelry. You want to segment your customers according the type of jewelry they like. If you deliver them an email with five offers with five different types of jewelry you can segment your list with this feature. If some of them choose earrings you can then begin a campaign with only earrings offers. If you focus on targeted customers you will have a better result than targeting all over.
7th Reason: It is Eco Friendly 
You can see this as added advantage since it is not really a feature for marketing. It is the best “gree” method of marketing and more economic than printing catalogues or advertising in magazines. Think about your environment, specially before you select you're promotion method.
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