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Distributing promotional emails like newsletters and advertisements to your customers is a truly cost efficient way to strike your brand in their minds for the moment they are ready to buy your product or service.

Email marketing can help businesses stay in touch with present and future customers. But there is a huge difference between adding people to your email contacts list and running an email marketing campaign that drives traffic to your website and produces sales.


But with never-ending amount of spam hitting in-boxes and many businesses struggling for the reader's attention, you must get it right if you want to become successful in your email marketing campaign.

Here are seven reasons that make your email communications unreliable:

1. Your campaign is not well planned: There is a word for weakly designed email campaigns, usually they are known as spam. A successful email marketing campaign should be carefully planned and reliable with other activity on your website and social networks. Timing and constancy is essential for an effective e-mail.

2. Awful topic: Definitely, selecting a dependable, pertinent and advanced topic is no assurance of success. Your email topic surely has to be proficient on its own. Email marketing campaigns are often used to improve a deteriorating or useless product. Your e-mail marketing campaigns ought to put your best efforts; not grasp sales out of your nastiest performance.

3. You are not scrubbing your email lists regularly: If your e-mail marketing efforts fail to remove any hard bounces, then remove them from your contacts list instantly. Continuing to mail to completely closed email accounts will give a pretty big hit to your sender score and get you blacklisted by a lot of major e-mail clients. It is much easier to keep a high sender score than trying to improve a poor score.

4. Not optimizing email for mobile devices: If you completely overlook the fact that most of the emails get opened on a Smartphone and do not optimize your email for mobile device, then you could get that your email marketing metrics fall continuously. Images, content, and design in your email must open on mobile phones.

5. Unproductive landing page: If you still get click-through for mail, you need to make sure that you can change them into leads. When you are building e-mail marketing campaign the usual thing to do is to concentrate on the email. Unluckily that often means your website's landing page ends up as a late addition. The email copy should be made on the subject line and the landing page must be created on to email copy. If people arrive at a landing page that is just a repeat of the email, why should they stay there?

6. Failing to take follow-up: E-mail marketing campaigns do not sell anything on their own. All they do is open the door for your product's promotion. Your sales team needs to draw customer through it, i.e. follow-up. Based on the product, the customer and your own plan, you will moreover call or get in touch with leads straightforwardly soon after they turn into a lead. Open rates, click-through rates and leads are essential for every email marketing campaign's success. With no increase in sales they are worth nothing to your company.

7. Do not welcome new list members: Greeting new members is not just a friendly signal; it is a prevailing way to set expectations. Let them personalize their e-mail settings as a type of progressive profiling, and allow them to know what they can wait for in terms of your e-mail plan.

Therefore, if you try to overcome all these issues, then properly organized and well written messages that point to well-built landing pages with good follow-up will hardly ever fail.

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