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The email delivery scene is changing every day. What may have worked some months ago no longer works today.  It has been more challenging to reach the inbox of customers than ever before, and the reason behind that is the global inbox placement rates are decreasing from 81 % in the first half of 2011 to 76% in the second half of the year. Have a glance at the following four reasons that could be the cause of you’re marketing e-mail to become spam or even blocked completely, along with some tips on how to resolve your deliverability issues.


1. Poor response rates
Dormant subscribers are a big problem for all email advertisers. They spoil deliverability, which reduces response rates, and in the end, the email program does not produce the desired income. Some marketers understand that conquering inactive subscribers will make an impact, but the marketing team may try to solve the problem by sending emails to a big list that may involve the same percentage of inactive contacts. This is not the exact path.

How to resolve it: If you are having problems with a particular mail provider, the first step is to stop doing the things that are harming your metrics: Eliminate all bounces right away and stop sending emails to subscribers who not opened in the past six months.

2: You are not sending out triggered e-mails
Implementing triggered email marketing solution, such as cart dereliction re-marketing and post-purchase campaigns, can also solve some of the deliverability problem you are facing. Also, when customers open and click on a triggered e-mail your engagement score increases instantaneously. Later, when you send an advertising email to the whole list, the positive assurance works in your favor.

How to resolve it: Engage in a triggered email campaign that counteracts the days and times you send an email, change the format, and modify the content.

3: Your list is foul
Keep in mind that spammers do not care about the quality of the lists. Maybe you acquired a list of customers that did not specifically give permission to receive your mail or you are still significantly subscribing email addresses acquired through trade program or some other promotions. Now you are on wrong way. If your false addresses overgrow 20 percent of your list, then you are in difficulty, and you have to solve the problem before a leading email domain blacklists you.

How to resolve it: Keep you're mailing list at the best shape by setting up a re-engagement campaign for inactive customers.

4: Your reputation is dumped
After all, content can play an important part in email deliverability, the major delivery issues occur because of the senders email reputation. When looking at email inbox delivery breakdown, it is essential to think beyond fast content fixes.

How to resolve it: Target your best consumers and ask them to help you build up your reputation. Fascinate them to click links, and tell them to click the “Not Spam” button with an enthusiastic call-to-action.

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