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Email is an every marketer's dream channel, but when done properly, it can create wonder all the way through your organization, too. Yet, only few outside the marketing department realize this or know how to control email for complete benefit.

As your organization's email expert, you should look for opportunity where you can put your knowledge to work, helping a department enhances its efforts or starts using email to attain its goals or resolve problems. Marketing via email can help trim costs without losing customer contact by moving subscribers to automatic services and online customer support.


Well, there are some reasons. The most evident one is that email is omnipresent and has almost become a standard service. As such, it appears to get lost in the scuffle when people talk about new service release. It is so determined in our lives that we pretend to forget that it exists. Though, now above all, email is probably the most precious service each and every one of us possesses. Want evidence?

1. In the Internet era, email has become the most distinctive attribute an individual possesses. It promotes surveys through email to assess customer satisfaction and use of services and products.

2. Your email address has a cash value linked to it. Your email address ranks near your public security number and your credit account as the one section of data that marketers and advertisers feel has the maximum worth to them.

3. Email is vital to everything you do online. You must have an email address to sign up for things like newsletters and promos, to order products online and you even require an email address before you can sign up for different social media sites.

4. Email is all over the place. Anybody who has a computer has an e-mail id and these days almost everybody has at least a PC, tablet or Smartphone that they can carry around. Since email is needed in order for these things to work i.e., you might technically not even use email, send an email, cannot check your email account; yet you require an e-mail address in order to get around in today’s online market.

Each email marketing campaign you send out produces a lot of response that you can use to your profit. Email marketing services offer campaign statistics so, you can check the number of clicks, opens, bounce backs and unsubscribe. It is a good suggestion when you first get started with email marketing to seek a few special layouts and link placements and then evaluate the statistics to determine your success. Once you observe what is working, you will be able to successfully create an email newsletter that you recognize will give absolutely what your subscriber wants and needs.

Thus, by above points it has been proved that the worth of an email is enormous. So, stop seizing that email delivery list and start working with your opt-ins as they have the possibility to turn into your brand representatives.

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