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In 2021, Email marketing still holds a rightful place for businesses. When you take a look at some sterling statistics you will realize that there are 3.9 million daily email users, users spend 2.5 hours checking personal emails on weekends and nearly 250 billion annually is spent by businesses. Hence, businesses must use bulk email marketing tools to drive sales. How many emails are sent per day? is a trending strategy to reach out to more audience which is based on email marketing statics.

Top email marketing statistics for 2021

When you are using the best bulk email marketing software or the best VPS server services or best-dedicated SMTP server services, it alone will not guarantee a good open rate and a good conversion rate. You need to incorporate some new Email Marketing strategies to guarantee deliverability, email opens, click-throughs, and sales.

How Many Emails Are Sent Per Day? Email Marketing Strategies For 2021

Top email marketing statistics for 2021

Some of the Email marketing strategies you can adopt are:

When you want to get the best non-opt-in email marketing services, Alpha Sandesh has these five Email marketing strategy tips to be successful at bulk mailing:

1. Attractive Subject Lines: Subject lines are the key to get your recipients to open your email. No matter how informative or valuable your email is from the inside if your recipient does not trust what you say in the subject lines, your hard work in creating a campaign has gone out the window. Make sure your subject lines convey the gist of your email. If it is a discount, you are offering, say it explicitly and, the email gives them a discount if they buy your products and services.

2. Segmenting Contacts: Segmenting contacts is a crucial part of making sure your recipients get targeted emails. Your product is specifically for working women; however, you have a list of contacts who are housewives and do not come in the category. So, along segmenting your contacts, you will not send your email to the housewives and only send it to targeted working women. This way you, can save on unnecessary hard work and avoid sending irrelevant emails to contacts.

3. Create Multiple Campaigns: Creating just one campaign and hoping for it to work is not at all a good strategy. Think of your campaign as an investment. When you invest your time and money in multiple finance plans, you are spreading your risk. In the same way, when you have multiple campaigns you are not just relying on one campaign, but all other campaigns could work together. Here A/B testing is a good way to see which campaigns are the best.

4. Multiple A/B email testing: A/B testing can be used efficiently and also is an effective way of checking the different emails sent out. Which one works which one doesn’t. Sending out the best emails to customers where email open rates are high and, the conversion rate is high.

5. Statistics and Reporting: You must be able to check how your campaigns are running and if they are giving good results. This can be easily tracked using statistics and reporting tools.

Apart from these strategies, the key things to remember to get email marketing correct are to know the:

Right volume of emails to be sent per day – Email volume is too less, then it is not going to cut and, too many could ruin your entire campaign and could result in unsubscribes.

The right time to send bulk mails – The right time to send bulk emails is between 10:00 am to 11:00 am, cause that is the time people usually check their emails from work. Another ideal time is 8:00 pm since that is the time people usually log out from work and check their emails.

Right, day to send emails – Tuesday is the ideal day when people open their emails, another day is Friday or Saturday.

Stay in the loop by signing up with us for the latest marketing trends, statistics, etc. For more information on sending mass or bulk mails, the best non-opt-in and cold email marketing services, by Alpha Sandesh will help you achieve high deliverability and increase sales and revenue.


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