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Be in compliance with spam laws with our automated list management system, it will take care of unsubscribe and bounce backs for you. Customize your emails look and function with our easy drag and drop interface and simple formatting tools. You can see the number of clicks, opens, bounces, and unsubscribe for your email campaign with the help of statistics. Also, know who received and opened your email and what links they clicked on.

  • Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes

  • automatic unsubscribe
  • Insert the unsubscribe easily in your email campaign with the help of “insert unsubscribe link” button. It is required by law in most countries.
  • Free, Built-In Spam Checking

  • built in spam checking
  • Analyze your email for spam keywords and spam report shows you exactly what needs to be change.
  • Dynamic Content Blocks

  • dynamic content blocks
  • You can personalize a section of your email message based on custom field values by using Dynamic Content Blocks.
  • Automatic Inbox Preview

  • automatic inbox previews
  • See how your email will look like in popular email clients (yahoo, Gmail, hotmail, outlook) with our email marketer’s inbox preview tool.
  • Forward to a Friend Link

  • forward to friend
  • Include a “Forward to a friend” link in your email to encourage your subscriber to share your email. Also, you can see who forwarded your email to a friend and when, in a report.
  • Campaign Optimization Tips

  • campaign optimization
  • View tips, tricks and advice to make sure your email campaign is optimized before sending, right from Big Commerce.