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Nowadays, nearly all B2B marketers understand that how significant email is to their whole marketing mix, how it can boost revenue, and how it can enhance client relationships.In fact, according to a recent research, email is now placed as the third most extensively used B2B marketing approach, next to customer relations and direct postal mail.


However, B2B marketers realize that email marketing can produce leads and increase sales revenues, the dark side on their horizon is email deliverability. In spite of what you might consider, B2B emails confront deliverability obstacles as intimidating as their business to consumer counterparts. Actually, B2B email deliverability issues are in numerous ways more intricate.

Yet, there are a few things you can do to noticeably improve your chances of getting into the Inbox. The following 5 tips can help you get the advantage on email deliverability.

1. Do not forget the basics of email marketing
Even though B2B marketers face distinctive email marketing deliverability challenges, the basics relevant to all email campaigns still apply. You should ensure that you are covering all these basics:

Send emails on a regular basis: Nearly all marketers worry about sending emails too much, but delivering too little can be a problem. To keep email bounces at a minimum level, ensure to email everybody on your email list. If it has been six months and you have not emailed somebody, think about asking permission.

Verify your email content: Always run your outgoing email through a content verification, so as to lessen the chance of getting caught in spam filters.

Check your messages before delivery: Always check your message to make sure it will deliver properly for different email clients. Also, because a lot of email clients obstruct images, try to turn them off for a test to observe how the message appears and whether it still communicates importance with the images disabled or not.

2. Manage your email reputation
Exterior to a sender’s domain and the email content, a lot of filters depend on reputation. Since B2B marketers may be dealing with various different filters, each with its own filtering regulations, email reputation is of supreme importance.

3. Stay away from blacklists
Blacklists are a set of IP addresses suspected of delivering spam. These lists are produced and managed by internet service providers and independent businesses in an effort to reduce unwanted email. Most internet service providers manage their own email blacklists, but many businesses also depend on third-party blacklists in determining whether to obstruct senders or not.

4. Check your performance
Having a close eye on main metrics such as email opens, click-through rates and bounces can help you in finding out any deliverability problems. For instance, if you notice an unexpected increase in bounces or a fall in opens, chances are that you may need to have a quick look at deliverability. One option for finding out if your messages are being delivered is to use a “seed” list of addresses. Email delivery supervising companies can use seed lists to help you decide if your message is getting obstructed by spam filters. You can get all the solutions of your email marketing problems by simply filling up a free demo form on Alphasandesh.

Overall, effective B2B email deliverability needs delivering the appropriate email to the right person at the right time. The best process to manage this marketing method is to use a great  email marketing solution, which in turn enhances email deliverability and provides long-term results.

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