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Send over 1M emails daily with confidence. Alpha Sandesh's servers are built to achieve the best possible deliverability.

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Campaign designer + Powerful email engine

Craft and automate your email campaigns. Optimize with advanced delivery analytics.

Design stunning emails

Create visually appealing campaigns that captivate your audience.

  • Responsive Editor: Design emails that look great on any device, from desktop to mobile.
  • Drag-and-Drop: Easily add text, images, videos, and other elements to your emails.
  • HTML Code Editor: For those who prefer hands-on customization.
  • Live Preview: See how your emails will appear to audience in real-time.

Enhance audience engagement

Deepen your connection with your audience through smart strategies and tools.

  • A/B Testing: Discover what resonates with your audience. Test multiple variations and let the best one reach the majority.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Send tailored content. Craft intricate segments to ensure your messages connect with the right audience.
  • Automated Triggers: Streamline your campaigns with automation. Set triggers based on subscriber actions or email activities.

Fast delivery, high deliverability

Alpha Sandesh's advanced Mail Transfer capabilities ensure that your emails are dispatched swiftly and effectively, while maintaining high delivery rates.

  • Emails are sent over multiple IPs, optimizing delivery.
  • Each IP maintains its own reputation, ensuring consistent email delivery quality.
  • Smart system detects and avoids problematic domains, choosing the best IP for each situation.

Dynamic charts for monitoring email delivery

See how your emails are doing with simple charts. Spot issues, see what's working, and make improvements.

  • Easily view and analyze your email delivery trends over time.
  • Quickly identify and address any delivery issues.
  • Adjust sending speeds and settings directly from your insights.

Clicks and open tracking

Gain real-time insights into audience engagement.

  • Benefit from built-in tracking for every email.
  • See every click, email open and unsubscribe.

Spam, bounce and feedback loop management

Keep your email list clean by filtering out invalid email addresses and addressing spam complaints.

  • Automatically filter out bounced emails and addresses that mark you as spam.
  • Easily address spam complaints and identify common issues.
  • Avoid potential spam traps by removing inactive or invalid email addresses.

Four simple steps to engage cold prospects and generate sales


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Create campaign

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Import your mailing list and design emails that convert — no design skills needed.


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Review, test, and schedule your campaign. Watch as your message takes flight.


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Monitor real-time stats, understand your audience's behavior, and achieve your conversion targets.

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