Cold email service for bulk senders

Alpha Sandesh is an easy-to-use bulk email platform built on a high-performance email engine for fast and reliable cold email outreach.

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  • Email server included
  • Send up to 1.5M emails daily
  • Up to 160 dedicated IPs

Elevate your email campaigns and drive conversions

Alpha Sandesh allows you to send more than a million cold emails daily with confidence.
Our servers are built to achieve the best possible deliverability.

Unrestricted reach

With Alpha Sandesh, you can send an astonishing volume of 1.5 million cold emails daily, opening new ventures for optimum growth.

Email server included

We provide a robust built-in server in our package, ensuring smooth and reliable delivery of emails, ensuring no disruption to your campaign flow.

IP warming

IP addresses are warmed up gradually in order to establish a positive sending reputation with mailbox providers, improving deliverability of your emails.

Simplified Email Marketing in Three Steps


Personalized server setup

Once you choose a plan, we configure an email server tailored to your needs. No technical hassles, just seamless integration.


Import & Create

Import your email list with ease. Design compelling campaigns with our user-friendly tools and be ready to launch.


Send & Analyze

Dispatch your emails with a click. Monitor their performance with our robust analytics and refine for better results.

Test our platform with a free trial. We'll set up an email server for you, allowing you to send thousands of emails and assess our platform's deliverability and features

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Deliverability: Our top priority

The challenge of bulk email campaigns, especially cold ones, is ensuring they land in the inbox, not the spam folder. Our dedicated technical team is committed to maximizing your email's chances of reaching its destination.

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All the tools you need for effective email marketing

Intuitive dashboard

Craft and dispatch emails effortlessly.

Real-time analytics

Gain insights into your audience's behavior.

Automated campaigns

Set, schedule, and let our platform handle the rest.

Build professional campaigns and grow your revenue

Create stunning emails in minutes

Utilize our user-friendly tools to create stunning, device-optimized emails that reflect your brand and captivate your audience.

Increase your audience engagement

Test different versions of your emails to discover what resonates best with your audience, optimizing campaigns for higher engagement.

Boost sales with personalized messages

Foster deeper relationships with your audience through advanced segmentation, automation, and engagement tracking.

Deliver campaigns straight to your customers' inboxes

Send emails with confidence through our high-performance email delivery engine, ensuring the best deliverability.

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  • Design clean, eye-catching emails.
  • Send over a million emails per day.
  • Assess audience engagement effortlessly.
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We have served 1000+ happy customers worldwide

Alpha Sandesh team provided us with a long-term solution that was custom made too. Very impressed with their support team too.

Gartrell Wright

London, UK

I was able to get a high number of emails delivered to recipients. The email software is intuitive which made it seamless to send bulk emails.

Sam Danisley

New York City, USA

Berlin conference is where I met Alpha Sandesh team. Their SMTP services provided a robust email solution for the mass emails I send.

Gabriel Harold

Los Angeles, USA

Alpha Sandesh provides dependable and excellent customer support.

Timothy Carter

Berlin, Germany

If you are looking for flexible email services for your affiliate emails, then Alpha Sandesh is your go to partner.

Eric Walczak

New York City, USA