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Alpha Sandesh is a comprehensive email marketing service provider. We are a global leader in providing business communication solutions. For your products and services to reach the right target audience, Alpha Sandesh is the perfect partner that lets you create personalized email marketing campaigns.

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Features of A Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

Explore our unique features to help your business directly connect with the target audience.

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Robust dedicated IPs, high sender score, and guaranteed email deliverability. Conduct non-opt-in email marketing in adherence to Can-Spam Act and GDPR guidelines.

Email Security

Email security and authentication of SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).

Email Software

Garuda, a Bulk Email Marketing Software by Alpha Sandesh, provides advanced email marketing tools. Its server is robust and uses a simple mail transfer protocol with Transfer Layer Security (SMTP TLS).

24 hours Support

Alpha Sandesh experts are always ready to assist you.

Why us?

Alpha Sandesh is an email marketing service provider, allowing you to send bulk emails to your customers at any time.

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Advanced Email Marketing

Alpha Sandesh is advanced email marketing software, Garuda, combines bulk emailing and high-tech automation tools to provide you an intelligent email marketing service. Yet it is a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to build campaigns and send bulk emails within minutes.

In-house software

We provide a unique combination of in-house products including Garuda, AlphaJet, and Alpha VBox. You can utilize an advanced email software, complete contact list management from importing to creating suppression lists, and dedicated SMTP server services.

Compatible with any business infrastructure

Our goal is to make the entire process of email marketing simple easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. We offer compatible and customizable solutions for all sizes of businesses to reach their desired customer base and maximize their business revenue.


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Our Products

alpha sandesh features


Alpha Sandesh will make you an email marketing PRO in no time! Enjoy automation in email marketing, subject line rotation, contact list segmentation, trigger emails and more.

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Our super affordable plans are seamless, easily integrable into your current infrastructure and help you achieve your sales targets. Create and send strategic emails to segmented contacts easily, maximize ROI and keep your customers happy.