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Every successful email marketer understands that how significant it is to be on internet service providers’ whitelists. To make it simpler, whitelisting is significantly the reverse of blacklisting or verified spam. Messages are more probable to get delivered to the inbox rather than going to the spam folder or being blocked. You may even find out about issues sooner if an internet service provider identifies you as a whitelisted email sender. Many of them give helpful reply about your email reputation that you can use to direct your e-mail program's growth.


Just because the conviction level must be high, internet service providers do not make getting on a whitelist easily. A long application method is just the start. Internet service providers now take weeks to assess the messages. By the time it gets over, you will experience as if the internet service provider has analyzed every negative aspect of your email marketing campaign.

Several ESPs apply for whitelisting on their customers' behalf. With good ISP relations and because email service providers generally need many of the same best practices as the ISPs, clients of email service providers have a great chance of being recognized onto ISP whitelists. The internet service provider still manages the application procedure and decision. When a request is denied, ESPs generally have professional service associations that can help their customers understand what changes are needed for applying again.

Not all email service providers are identical, usually lower the cost, the higher they have to mound it to reimburse. To get the quantity, generally less scrutiny is placed on verifying the email opt-in status and the probability of email blacklisting increases.

Here are some email whitelisting best practices which will be really helpful in growing your business.

1. If you think about changing your email service provider, first find out any present delivery issues and ensure you do not take them with you to the new service provider. Be ready for primary email delivery challenges, and look forward for proving your reputation as a good email sender to both your new email service provider and the ISPs it will whitelist you with.

2. It is better to get whitelisted than not, but if you are turned down or eliminated, it is not the end of the world. Generally, it is due to your reputation has taken a few hits, probably from too many complaints. Make a few modifications to bring the amount of complaint down and clean up your status, then try once more.

3. One benefit of being whitelisted is to include your emails in the feedback loop. Some internet service providers yet offer email feedback loop to senders who are not presently on the whitelist or whose requests were denied.

4. If you overlook the whitelist application, be sure to use the data of feedback loops to  eliminate complainers and clean up your email list and reputation before you attempt again. The issues that caused you to overlook your application highlight the modifications you should make to enhance your reputation.

5. If you do not meet the criteria for whitelisting, it does not mean that the internet service provider will automatically obstruct your messages. It will, conversely, analyze them more strongly, apply more spam filters, and restrict the number of messages it will permit through its servers just once. It could also signify your messages are getting delivered to recipients' spam  folders more frequently if they have not already appended you to their individual whitelist or email list.

Therefore, whitelisting should not be seen from a deliverability point of view, it should also be seen as a chance to become a credible member of a user's network. If you have some more ideas on whitelisting, then you can share below.

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