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A noteworthy email marketing campaign does not actually conclude with the optimization and success rates obtained from your email marketing template. The landing page through which you guide your recipients’ is also a very significant key to the success of your business. Therefore, it should be designed in a manner that connects with your visitors simply and fast, supporting them to continue with the conversion or preferred action.

Similar to the email template, the method to improve your landing page is to test effectively to get the best solution for your individual marketing targets. In fact, the landing page is the last step in converting a viewer into a lead. It begins with a significant offer and must have a sign up form to gather visitor information.

Here I have explained 6 email marketing landing page best practices, which will definitely help you in optimizing your landing pages to produce qualified leads.

1. Elucidate importance of your offer
Your landing page must evidently describe the benefits of getting the offer in exchange for their contact details. Your landing page content must respond to the query: “what it has for me?”

2. Use regular headers & call-to-action
Headers of the landing page should noticeably clarify the offer and be dependable with the call-to-action viewers clicked on to get in touch with the landing page. The headers should begin with an actionable word such as learn and download.

3. Build a short opt-in form
Using short opt-in forms are always better than long ones to make it simpler for a website viewer to become a sales lead. Only request for the detail that will help you get qualified leads.

4. Put important content above the fold
The important content on the landing page should always be placed above the fold. Testing has already proved that you will observe a higher conversion rate if your viewers do not have to scroll down to get the form.

5. Pass on your subscribers to a Thank You Page
After somebody fills the form on your landing page, pass on them to a specific thank you page.  This is a great chance to attempt to upsell the lead on an additional page to just allow them to know that you will be in contact with them.

6. Make your landing pages mobile optimized
It happens at a particular point that you got an email or clicked to a landing page from your mobile phone and were right away turned off because of the clear incompatibility of the interaction. Just ensure that it does not happen to your significant message by making sure your landing page is optimized for all types of devices.

Therefore, the landing page is a significant element within your incorporated campaign to improve your conversion rate. These pages can only work properly if the whole lead generation method is also planned and optimized all the way through.

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